Advanced Retreat, February 17-26, 2012 – Event Links

This event marks the 35th anniversary since “JZ has her first encounter with an extraordinary being in her Tacoma kitchen [Sunday, February 20, 1977]. The being is Ramtha.”
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The following links were presented to the Advanced Retreat participants February 17-26, 2012.

– Links presented February 17, 2012
– The picture Ramtha presented with distortion from his spirit.
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– Remembering Diane Glock and wishing her grand new adventures, who passed February 17, 2012.
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– Links presented February 19, 2012
Ramtha’s wide variety of accurate predictions for over 30+ years
Greg Simmons’ Presentation
1. Ramtha from 1986: “Sunspots and Solar Flares”
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2. “Astro-physicist Warns of Solar Storm
From Fox News, posted on YouTube, April 27, 2010.
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3. Ramtha from 1987: “Stay Away From Water”
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4. Ramtha: There is no denying global warming is upon us
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“131 years of Global Warming in 26 seconds.”
Click here for the video from Climate Central

5. “Twenty Years Later”
Reported by USA Today, November 21, 2004
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6. “10 Places To Visit Before They Disappear”
Click here for the video on YouTube

7. Ramtha from 1986: “Put Up Food and Water”
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8. “America’s economic pain brings hunger pangs
By Amy Goldstein in the Washington Post
© 1996-2012 The Washington Post
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9. Ramtha from 1987: “Buy Gold to Secure Your Sovereignty”
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10. “J.P. Morgan Will Accept Gold as Type of Collateral
By Carolyn Cui and Rhiannon Hoyle in the Wall Street Journal.
Copyright ©2012 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
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11. “Dr. David A. Morehouse, International Best-selling Author and the world’s leading teacher of Remote Viewing and Spiritual Transformation” spoke at RSE previously.
Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse.

12. “Ramtha’s Request to his students of the Pacific Rim”
March 31, 2011
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“Japan earthquakes 2011 Visualization map (2012-01-01)”
earthquakes of Richter 3.0 and above.
From StoryMonoroch on YouTube.
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“2011 World earthquakes Visualization map”
earthquakes of Richter 6.0 and above.
From YouTube.
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13. “Ramtha predicted the disappearance of reptiles in Australia”
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“Reptile populations are shrinking in the Northern Territory, according to an environmental group.”
Read more from Australia’s ABC.

Steve Klein’s Presentation
1. Ramtha called the winter of 2011–2012 in Europe a “calling card” of what is coming
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“Ice age Europe” from UK’s Daily Mail
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* Note: the photographs on the aforementioned story were presented.
Click here for the satellite view of the snow over Europe that was presented.

2. Ramtha: Fresh water in North Atlantic prelude for Europe freezing
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3. “World’s first country that may be lost to climate change –
Ramtha predicted threatening sea levels in 1987”
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“10 Places To Visit Before They Disappear”
See the listing on YouTube.

4. “Ramtha predicted a “rigorous” 2011 winter”
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Yelm area receives 2nd largest, single day snow total on record
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5. “Ramtha’s perspective on the recent tornadoes, floods and dust storms”
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“Storm Chasers: Tornado Captured on 3D Camera”
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6. “Ramtha: Prediction of East Coast earthquake occurs 3 days later”
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7. “Ramtha’s Prediction on America’s ‘Breadbasket” Flooding”
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8. “Landsat Satellite Images Reveal Extent of Historic North Dakota Flooding”
Read more from NASA.

9. “2001: Ramtha spoke of nuclear reactors poisoning the seas”
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10. “Ramtha: 1987 Prediction of a USA Dust Bowl in the news in 2011”
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“Dust Bowl states see farms dry up, fires rage”
Read more from MSNBC.

11. “Are you prepared for solar-magnetic storms?”
“The USGS Monitors Earth’s Magnetic Field to Prepare Citizens for Magnetic Storms”
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12. “Listen to NASA Administrator Bolden’s thoughts on why it’s important that we ‘know our stuff’ and ‘be prepared’”
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13. “Ramtha’s students are not survivalists; they are sovereignists”
Read more from JZ Knight.

14. “Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are urging Americans to take steps to better prepare themselves, their families and businesses for emergencies.”
Read more from Homeland Security.

15. “Time lapse – Aurora Borealis January 2012”
Read more on Vimeo.

16. ““Scientists DELIBERATELY create ‘Armageddon’ virus” –
Ramtha’s predictions on viruses are chillingly precise”
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“Influenza experts agree H5N1 research critical, but extend delay”
Read more from the World Health Organization.
“Deadly bird flu studies to stay secret for now: WHO”
Read more from NewsDay.

17. “Researcher: “The secret to learning languages” is repetition while walking –
JZ Knight & Ramtha on RSE’s Neighborhood Walk”
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18. “Science: Why ‘Create Your Day’® is important in your daily life”
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– Links presented February 20, 2012
1. “On March 31, 2011, during the Yelm Primary Retreat, Ramtha delivered a special emergency announcement to the largest group ever assembled for a live Ramtha teaching and online stream.

Ramtha foresees more devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific in the weeks ahead.”
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2. “2011 earthquakes WORLDWIDE plotted and animated”
Posted on YouTube from Story Monoroch.
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3. “Ramtha’s Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone”
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4. February, 2012 Advanced Retreat Remote Views
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– Links presented February 21, 2012
– Dr. Vladimir Shcherbinin described his healing by using what he was taught by Ramtha.
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– Assay III Progressive Manifestation Discipline: The Golden Egg
Available only to RSE students.
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– Anthony Latoski shared healing his heart by using what he was taught by Ramtha.
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Anthony’s F. O. C. U. S. = Finding our Consciously Unified Self

– Links presented February 22, 2012
– The Killshot: Approaching the Moment
© 2011 Remote Viewing Products.
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Ed Dames was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM on March 15, 2012.
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– “Strait from Hormuz”
Iranian patrol boats disappeared.
Read more from the Khaleej Times.
– “Ships mysteriously disappeared from Strait of Hormuz”
Read more from “look Up!

– “UFO Researcher Claims Air Force Not Revealing Truth About Communication Outage At F.E. Warren Missile Site”
Ramtha on UFO encounters
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– “S. Korea, US launch exercise despite N. Korea threat”
Read more from France’s AFP on Yahoo!

– Doomsday Preppers Program
Read more from the National Geographic Channel.

– Links presented February 24, 2012
– The Sun’s “Canyon of Fire”
Read more from Space

Click here for photo of the Canyon of Fire on the Sun.
Click here for photo of the CME.

– “A tornado as big as the Earth? Yep, and there’s video…”
Read more and see the NASA videos posted on KOMO-TV 4 News in Seattle.

– “Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide”
“Time history of atmospheric carbon dioxide from 800,000 years ago until January, 2009.”
Read more from NOAA.

– Links presented February 25, 2012
– Books introduced, not available through RSE’s online store
Q is for Quantum: An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics by John Gribbin

The Charm of Strange Quarks: Mysteries and Revolutions of Particle Physics
By R. Michael Barnett, Henry Muehry, Helen R. Quinn

– Featured at RSE’s Online Store
Student Accomplishments: Jay Holcomb, International Bird Rescue Director Emeritus used his RSE lessons in his work. His focus card is now on a coffee mug for sale.
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Buy your coffee mug here (50% of the proceeds from the sale of the mugs will be donated to International Bird Rescue.)

Solar Flare Survival: Protect Yourself And Your Electronics From The Sun And EMP’s With Faraday Cages
By Marc Remillard
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Serotonin Rising, JZ Knight
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Visionaries: Artists of Probabilities
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2012 Live Wire C & E ® Mix 1
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Ramtha’s photograph of the distortion from his spirit
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– JZ’s recommended reading
Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
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Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Lisa Randall
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Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan
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The End of Illness by David B. Agus, MD
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The Haunting of America by William J. Birnes & Joel Martin
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Going Solo, The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg
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– Links presented February 26, 2012
– Upcoming events
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Empowering Personal Reality (EPR) 2-day workshops worldwide – Open to the public
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– An Elegant Celebration with Ramtha, Saturday, March 3, 2012
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– Private Session with Ramtha – Auction closes March 10, 2012, 10am PST
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– The Masters Fund
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– Changes in-progress to
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– Get instant information for RSE students via the RSE Twitter account
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– Phoenix Rising School
Click here for the video shown at this event
Read more about the Phoenix Rising School

– “Strange Charm: A Song about Quarks”
Click here for the video shown at this event, on YouTube from VlogBrothers.
“Quarks make their world turn”
By Ashley Yeager on the Duke University Research Blog
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“The Scale of the Universe 2”
By Cary and Michael Huang
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– C&E® Session with Ramtha Vocal Overlay
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– Advanced Retreat, 2012 Photo Album
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Music that accompanied the slide show:
* Time Keepers – Reign of Vengeance Future World Music
* Miracle of Flight – Reign of Vengeance Future World Music
* First Class – X-Men Henry Jackman
* Time Keepers – Reign of Vengeance Future World Music

– Advanced Retreat, 2012 Music List
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