Ramtha’s Prediction on ‘Breadbasket” Flooding

Record-breaking floods in North Dakota
“Landsat Satellite Images Reveal Extent of Historic North Dakota Flooding”
Read more form NASA.

“It’s official: Record June runoff to swollen Missouri River”
Read more from Reuters.

Ramtha spoke in 2010 on devastating flood to America’s Breadbasket
How would you like to see your entire breadbasket flooded like Pakistan where the greatest day of recovery is five years from now? Where will you get your bread, you know, the bread you throw away? Where will you get your vegetables, your corn? Where are you going to get your hogs, your cattle, your chickens, you know, all of those manufactured poor little creatures for consumption? Where are you going to get them? And is there a flood coming to the breadbasket? Yes, devastating.
Ramtha, Afternoon – Live Stream, October 9, 2010

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