Science: Why ‘Create Your Day’® is important in your daily life

– “Why Morning Routines Are Creativity Killers”
“Everything about the way we start our day runs counter to the best conditions for thinking creatively”

“As several recent studies highlight, the way most of us spend our mornings is exactly counter to the conditions that neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists tell us promote flexible, open-minded thinking. Take that hurried wake-up, for example. In a study published in the journal Thinking and Reasoning last year, researchers Mareike Wieth and Rose Zacks reported that imaginative insights are most likely to come to us when we’re groggy and unfocused. The mental processes that inhibit distracting or irrelevant thoughts are at their weakest in these moments, allowing unexpected and sometimes inspired connections to be made. Sleepy people’s “more diffuse attentional focus,” they write, leads them to “widen their search through their knowledge network. This widening leads to an increase in creative problem solving.” By not giving yourself time to tune in to your meandering mind, you’re missing out on the surprising solutions it may offer. (If you happen to be one of those perky morning people, your most inventive time comes when you’re winding down in the early evening.),” quoting Annie Murphy Paul in TIME Magazine Ideas.
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– UPDATE: October 28, 2014
“Researchers at Utrecht University in The Netherlands say people make better decisions when they are hungry
* In studies they found participants could better appreciate short and long rewards on an empty stomach
* Results challenge the thought that being hungry leads to rash decisions
* This is known as a ‘hot state’, when emotions influence actions
* The researchers say it may actually allow us to make better decisions
* And they also say quick decisions may not be as bad as thought”
By Jonathan O’Callaghan, UK’s Daily Mail.
Note: Ramtha has always taught to Create Your Day® before breakfast.
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– “Create Your Day® – An original Teaching by Ramtha The Enlightened One
“I would make a strong suggestion that every day you get up and you sit in this discipline, roll your eyes back, and instead of rushing around, sleeping in late, do this and focus, create your day. All you have to do is to see that this day is filled with sublime adventure. And if you know it and you feel it and you have given it life, it will be. So be it.”

“Waking up every single morning is a gift, don’t you know? Life is a gift. Create your day, what does that mean? And who is creating it? Did it ever occur to you that oftentimes you give permission for life to do to you what you complain about or are overjoyed with at the end of the day? Creating, well, creating is a privilege. It goes along with being a divine person. Divinity gets to create and that is why you want to know how to do it, because you are a divine entity.”
– Ramtha

From: Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 323, Beginning C&E® Workshop
September 19-20, 1992 (Yelm: Ramtha Dialogues®, 1992)
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