Links from Ramtha’s Assay – July, 2011

1. Speakers’ Links
– Dr. Brian Greene, Speaker on July 4, The Hidden Reality.
Read more from Columbia University.
Read more about Dr. Greene’s work.

Dr. Greene came to Yelm directly after his July 2nd presentation to the Strings Conference, 2011.
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– Rev. Gordon Allen, Speaker on July 5, Near-Death Experiences
Read more and for contact information.

3. NASA/Family Preparedness Program.
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4. Ramtha on infectious diseases.
Read more

5. Ramtha on America’s “bread-basket” flooding.
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6. National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers”.
Read more Part 1
Read more Part 2.
Read more Part 3.
Read more Part 4.

“Doomsday: Production Journal” by Alan Madison, Senior Producer.
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7. Ramtha’s closing message to his 2011 Assay participants worldwide.
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