Ramtha’s Assay Suggestion: Important Resources

On Saturday, July 9, Ramtha suggested all of his students have access to various resources providing immediate Earth changes information:

1. Earthquakes
U.S. Geological Survey sites
Read more for latest earthquake information worldwide.

Read more on the Latest Earthquakes in the World – Past 7 days.

Read more to subscribe to the Earthquake Notification Service.

Read more to access NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center alerts. Look in the left column under Support Services for the link to Email Products. Once you register (for free), you can select from a wide variety of emails to receive. When emails from SWPC come to your smart phone/iPad, you can set a custom alert ring tone to advise you that one has arrived on your device.
Note: This email service will not ring through to a land line phone.

2. Tsunamis
U. S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sites
Read more from Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Read more from the West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.
Sign-up here.

Read more to subscribe to the Tsunami Message Service.

3. Solar Flares (Sun-Earth Environment)
Read more from

Read more from NASA: 3-D View Of The Sun And Heliosphere.

Read more to subscribe to Spaceweather Alerts.

Read more to subscribe NOAA National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center.

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