World Newsflash that echo Ramtha’s longtime predictions word for word

Headline News from Business Insider, June 18, 2018:

“Antarctica is melting faster than anyone thought, and we’re not ready for the sea level rise that’s coming.”

… Except Ramtha has warned about this exactly for decades!

Crevasses near the grounding line of Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica.

“In the future, seas will rise far higher than they are today. The question is whether it happens quickly or slowly.”

“There’s enough ice stacked on top of Antarctica to raise seas around the globe by almost 200 feet. While it takes time for major changes to occur with that much ice, Antarctica is melting faster than we thought, according to a study recently published in the journal Nature.” BI News. Read full article here


Ramtha on sea-level rising 200 feet:

You don’t want to hear that Antarctica, the great Atlantis, is melting away. You will see the mountains and valleys and ancient pavilions. Scientists already see that it is melting away, that the ocean is rising — seventeen inches in a hundred years. They lie. Try two hundred feet, soon.

— Ramtha
August 13, 2010

From NPR, Morning Edition with Greg Allen, June 18, 2018:


“It’s a good time to be living on high ground. Not such a good time to be living down near the water. A study out today says more than 300,000 homes in the United States are likely to see chronic flooding within the next 30 years because of sea level rise and climate change. This could cause a crisis for the housing market in some areas. NPR’s Greg Allen reports.” Read full article here


Ramtha on moving away from the water:

“I had asked entities long ago to move away from water. And that which is termed Florida, as it is called, you should never live in that country. It is sinking and it is a hostile environment to live in, and already that has now been verified.”

– Ramtha
Yelm, WA. April 14, 1993
Winds of Change III, CD 052

Slide 31 of 31: > Population with homes at risk of flooding in 2060: 39,547 (30.2%)> Livable land that will be underwater by 2060: 58.5%> Livable land that will be underwater by 2100: 94.1%> Property value at risk in 2060: $19.33 billion> Last major flooding event: May 2018ALSO READ: The Weirdest Fact About Every American President

MSN reports: “American Cities That Will Soon Be Under Water”

Read full report here

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