Current Events News Links to Ramtha’s Intimate Day Teaching: The Magicians of the Morning – January 11, 2018

Ramtha’s Intimate Day teaching from January 11, 2018

News Links to Current Events and predictions, from independent sources, relating to Ramtha’s Intimate Day Teaching: The Magicians of the Morning, from January 11, 2018


Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


Timothy Charles Holmseth – Investigative Journalist


You are Free Tv


Jerome Corsi interviews


American Intelligence Media

and on YouTube




Destroying the Illusion


Black Conservative Patriot


Screen Hoopla

CBTS (Calm Before the Storm)


SGT Report


Fulcrum News


Book of  Q

Qanon posts being archived here as well


Liz Crokin – Investigative Journalist


GOP resignations

Jan 30, 2018 Trump signs Exec Order to keep Gitmo open


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