RSE Students Doing their Great Work – Life in Venezuela

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This is a letter our Venezuela RSE Coordinator, Andrea, recently shared with RSE:

Hi dear friends,

This has been crazy for a couple months now. Unfortunately politics seems to be a very long and difficult path to solve problems here.

Venezuelan people are suffering from huge scarcity, hyperinflation, fear and insecurity on the streets and a deep economic and social instability. People are protesting bravely and fearlessly and facing a lot of violence and repression.

In my opinion I can’t understand how those with the political and legislative power can be at the same time the arm that protects sovereignty and enforce the law of a country against alien and domestic threats. Of course honor, selflessness and loftiness are very difficult to find these days.

Now, thanks to RSE we managed to create a micro bubble where we dwell in so we can see but without suffering, not even half of all the things I mentioned. We followed Ramtha’s advice and have a house of our own in the suburbs, a private water service and enough outdoor space. We stored food every time we could, the kids are happy and we’re crazy in love with them! We’re flowing with changes and we are creating a new future for us all.



Every day at 9pm the whole Venezuelan group engages disciplines (C&E® and the Neighborhood Walk®) with the focus on a new reality, a new country, a Future Now planet.

I’m happy to say that pretty much all of the active students are surfing the wave gracefully as well and creating miracles thanks to all the teachings applied in their lives. We won’t surrender and we’ll create a new dawn worthy of the Great Work!

Thanks for caring. It is deeply appreciated.

Lots of love to you all, JZ and all at RSE


Venezuela RSE Coordinator


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