Congratulations to Our RSE Student Author and Coordinator from Ghana: John Sam Acquah

“Songs of Wisdom, A Book of Poems” by Psalm Aqua

John Sam Acquah, eloquently known as Psalm Aqua in the writing world, is a modern bard and author from Ghana, West Africa. His poetry captures the colorfulness, soul, and wisdom stories of his beloved country.

Available Here

Psalm Aqua published his first collection of a hundred poems, “The Hundred Butterflies,”  in 1998, in London, through Minerva Press. This new collection, “Songs of Wisdom, a Book of Poems,” is his second volume of personal poetry he has published, with seventy-five, soul-searching, and inspiring new poems from the heart of the fire of the elders still burning in his mind and soul. Published by Hun Nal Ye Publishing.

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