Congratulations to Our RSE Student and Yelm Red Guard Author: Pam Paizs

“Jack & Mops’ Magical Adventures” by Pam Paizs

Jack and Mops’ Magical Adventures is filled with references from well known children’s stories like Cinderella, and Paizs effectively weaves those familiar portrayals with fresh and enticing interpretation. Within this delightful book, the adventure is realized both within the printed story as well as within the reader’s mind, and its reading should be savored like a fine brandy. Highly Recommended.

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The rich detail is so inviting that once the author begins to introduce concepts about quantum physics and particle widgets , the reader is already captured by the comfort and peace, and willingly allows their imagination to unfold into the science.


“I tell you one of the holiest stories that was ever told — it is holier than anything I know — is called Cinderella. I would like for you to read and figure out who is the Fairy Godmother and how that pumpkin turned into a carriage and those mice into horses. I want you to figure out how they did it. Is that a myth or is it the truth? If you think that is a myth, then I bet you don’t believe in butterflies either.”

— Ramtha

About the Author

Pam Paizs is the owner of Happy Hovel Storable Foods in Yelm WA and a student and Yelm Red Guard at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for many years. Once the CEO of Australia’s then largest Food Corporation, her background in food stems from setting up the research and development for shelf stable foods for the consumer market. Pam has decided to share her knowledge, passion for learning, and childlike spirit of adventure through her series of beautifully illustrated children’s books entitled, Jack & Mops’ Magical Adventures.

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