Student Accomplishment: “Hey, I won a new roof, from out of the Blue!”

Teri Simpson new roof 12-30-2015 Teri Simpson Roof WInner-1
RSE student Teri Simpson with her focus card – Photo Credit: Barbra Kates

“I won a new roof for my house from King 5 Evening Magazine Home for the Holidays Roof Contest! I thought I’d share my story. It was out of the blue, because my personality sure couldn’t have dreamed up winning a roof. It was a door that opened, and I took it.

“One evening during the first part of October, the show I usually watch while making dinner was replaced by football. I scanned all the channels and it seemed that there was nothing on at all except King 5 Evening Magazine where they do upbeat stories about the Northwest and Washington State.

“As I was working in the kitchen, a couple of segments in, they played a video clip about a family who was in desperate need of a new roof which they couldn’t afford, and they won a free roof in last year’s ‘Home for the Holidays Win a New Roof contest.’ By this time I had stopped everything to listen. They said that the contest was on again this year. Who should win a new roof this year? I was rooted to the spot, saying ‘Yes! Yes! I am in desperate need of a new roof too. They WON a FREE roof…? I’m going to win a free roof for MY house this year!’

“Not in a million years was winning a new roof inside my box of acceptance. I recognized that this was a door and I was going through it.

“I had only a few days to register and submit my story. Deadline was October 14. Then I held the focus that I would be chosen as one of the 3 finalists, the first goal for me to reach. I made my card and focused on ‘New Roof.’ ”

“During one morning’s focus when I had gone home during the RSE Capstone Fall event, while creating my day and doing my focus, all of a sudden I saw a man standing on the two-story part of my roof. I thought, ‘Hey, there’s some guy on my roof! What the bleep is he doing on my roof???’ I jump out of bed and looked out the big window and sure enough, there’s a guy on my roof. I race around the end of the bed, go down the first part of the stairs to a small landing where they turn, and all the rest of the stairs and the door to the downstairs hallway are all wibbly-wobbly weird. And I say ‘HEY, I’M OUT OF MY BODY!!’ which instantly slams me back into my body. At that point, I realized there is no way to see the roof on the two-story part of the house while I am IN the house because of the overhang.

“Still not ‘getting it’ I shared the story with a couple of close friends. One friend instantly says, ‘That was the roofer!!! You’re going to get that new roof!’ I said, ‘So be that!!!!’ It made total sense.

“I got word October 30, 2015 by email that I had indeed been chosen as one of the 3 finalists. So be THAT card! Now a new card, and time to reach out to the community for their help because voting was November 1 through 30 and the person with the most votes at 11 pm November 30 would win.

“I emailed everyone asking them to pass on the request to vote for me. It was amazing. It was humbling. It was so far out of my personality box. So I just held that focus all day, every day (still working, of course). By 11 pm November 30, at end of voting I was 501 votes ahead of second place.

“But it still wasn’t official until the King 5 man spoke with me and said, ‘You’ve officially won a free roof.’ That would be the moment where I was ‘in the Void’ and Ram called the Tank: ‘This Test is over.’ ”

“It was 2 months to the day from when I first heard about the contest to when there were roofer boots on my roof. Way cool.

“On a side note that ties in to this whole ride, many years ago (like in the 90’s when we did the Tank a lot) I had a vision that at some point, it would no longer be, ‘These guys made it to the Void and these other guys didn’t.’ ”

“I saw clearly in that moment that the evolution of making it to the Void would be that it wouldn’t count until every last entity in the test made it into the Void, and only when every last person made it was the Tank accomplished.

“The roof was kind of like that. It wasn’t ONLY my long focus. It was the whole supporting group focusing on the same end result that made it happen. When the King 5 guy gave me the official word, THEN it felt like I had made it to the Void in the Tank. But not just me made it, it was like we ALL made it to the Void in this Tank. We rock!

“Many thanks to all you awesome people who voted for me online and in consciousness – WE DID IT!!!

“And thanks JZ for all you do and for who you are. My life has been unequivocally changed over and over, many, many times because of all you have done (and because of Ramtha too, of course!!) I have no words to adequately express it.

– Teri Simpson
Roof Winner

Here’s the link to Teri Simpson’s great focus, manifestation story in King 5. She rocks!!!

Watch King 5 News Report Here

Here is a photo of the new roof. They did a really upgraded type roof too. It is much more robust than the previous one.
Teri Simpson new roof 12-30-2015
Teri Simpson’s new roof, December 30, 2015 – Photo Credit: Barbra Kates

And here is an article written for by Heidi Smith, another RSE student:
Read News Report Here

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