A remarkable Story of Healing Love and Hope that transcends all by RSE student Karen Reid

“My 20 year old daughter, Jessica, came a couple of times to Ramtha’s School here in Australia as a child/teen and understands some of the basic principles of the school.

“At the end of August 2015, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, where cancer is almost unknown in my family, though CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) exists, which we can now see the correlation too.

“Initial diagnosis was a T-cell lymphoma. She had read up about it on Doctor Google and knew T-cell was, for the most part, untreatable, with high levels of death. I watched her face death.

“The hospital said she could go to another hospital where they were trialing a new drug for T-cell lymphoma. They sent her sample there to be verified by that hospital’s lab. The other hospital said it was not T-cell, but B-cell lymphoma, a far more easily treatable form with very high success rates. The two labs were at odds with each other.

“I immediately said to Jess that she had an opportunity here to change her diagnosis for good. She said she would focus on verification of the B-cell diagnosis. The sample was returned to her hospital and retested. It came back as indeed a Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, which has a protocol that in the last 2 years has seen a 97% success rate. The doctor’s response to the results change was, ‘Most unusual.’

“Staging then had to be done, and a Bone Marrow Biopsy was performed to see if it had gone into her bone marrow as well, which would have included bone marrow transplants and Stem Cell therapy. She said, ‘I’ve got it, Mum. It’s not in the bone marrow.’ ”

“Sure enough the results came back as she said. Her reaction was a true epiphany, ‘We are so powerful, Mum!’ I reminded her of Ram and JZ and how she was now really experiencing the teachings for herself. She immediately got on her iPad and went to Wikipedia to read up on JZ!

“She has done four rounds of chemo and the tumor has gone. Two more rounds to go and she will be officially in remission.

“Our youth may wander off and get involved in their lives and forget the school, but when it is important, they will draw inspiration from the teachings themselves. Our efforts as parents are not in vain.

“Love to Ram and JZ for this. Dr Matt, I will be bringing her to the Blu Room next to clean her up for good!”

“With deep gratitude,”
– Karen Reid

Karen Reids daughter Jessica and her friend

Karen Reids daughter Jessica and her friend


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