Linda Martel shares her inspirational journey in healing

Linda Martel

Linda Martel, RSE student and beloved wife of Charlie Roy and former RSE Food Court chef has had a remarkable journey in her healing from breast cancer, as she so courageously described to JZ in a Q & A during an event in 2013. JZ encouraged her to seek out the best of Western medicine and couple that with the healing disciplines she learned at RSE. Linda did just that and shares her journey in hopes of inspiring other students. An excerpt is below, followed by a link to the full story of her healing:

“My name is Linda Martel and I’ve been a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1994. In September 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It had developed within a 16.7 cm mammary hamartoma and was not detected by annual mammograms.

“The UW January article [published about Linda’s case January 2015 in The Breast Journal] concluded, ‘This case demonstrates the importance of recommending further imaging and/or histologic sampling if on either patient self-exam or clinical breast exam, a breast mass grows or exhibits features atypical of a hamartoma.'”

I am ever so grateful that I did follow medical advice and went for further tests. The medical team was excellent on all levels. I am also grateful for the teachings I received from Ramtha on healing, which I applied through the cancer treatments and still do. I always kept my focus on radiant health.”
Click here to read Linda’s full story.

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