JZ Knight on Coast to Coast AM –
Wednesday, July 1st

George Noory, Host

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Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory reports JZ Knight will be Noory’s guest on Wednesday, July 1:

Seal Team Six/ UFO Insights
Wednesday – July 1, 2015
Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Don Brown, JZ Knight

In the first half of the program, former administrative law attorney at the Pentagon, Don Brown, will discuss the mysterious helicopter crash which killed seventeen members of Navy SEAL Team Six that had killed Osama Bin Laden ninety days earlier. In the latter half, founder and President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, will talk about the recent renewed interest in UFOs, the history high level governments have had with UFOs and ETs as well as insights from Ramtha, an entity who lived as a human being 35,000 years ago on the ancient continent of Lemuria.
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– UPDATE: July 1, 2015
For the first time since 2005, George Noory hosted what was a well-informed, robust interview from 12 midnight to 2am Yelm time with phone-in questions.

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The show is archived HERE.
Click here for the show’s Intro Video of Ramtha.

A list of the items discussed:
* History of JZ Knight and Ramtha
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* JZ Knight’s best-selling autobiography, “A State of Mind, My Story.”
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* Ramtha book: “UFOs and the Nature of Reality”
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* Ramtha’s predicted crop circle – an alien smoking a pipe
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* JZ’s and Ramtha’s side by side DNA test results
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* “Half of European men share King Tut’s”
By Alice Baghdjian, Reuters, August 1, 2011
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* “The Old Empire”
Referenced in “Alien Interview,” edited by Lawrence R. Spencer.
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* New crop circle photos on Sunday, June 28 near Turin, Italy
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* Book: “Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases”
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* Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
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