JZ Knight comments on the latest UK crop circle

“Pipe-smoking alien crop circle attracts tourists”
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– JZ Knight comments on the preciseness of the UK crop circle
“What alien intelligence do you know that smokes a pipe and would have a headdress with seven appendages?” quoting a conversation with her staff on August 9, 2011.

– From JZ Knight quoted from the dust cover, back flap, “UFOs and the Nature of Reality: Preparing for Contact:
“This is so off the charts as far as crop circles go. What I want to ask you is who made this? What super, high-level-technology mind did this?

Look at this crop circle. Do you understand the significance of all of those seven levels on top of the head? It stops at the fourth level, and then there is this alien appearing in ultraviolet blue.

So here we have Ramtha as an alien smoking a pipe that is clearly manifested in its Blue Body®. We understand what he is trying to tell us in code. The pipe-smoking alien, with all these rays coming out, is undeniably Ramtha.”
– JZ Knight

– Ramtha on the pipe-smoking alien crop circle
“The secret of the crop circle is just to dimensionalize it. If you take a two-dimensional form of art and give dimension to it in a three-spatial or four-spatial diagram, then you will see the message. I told my beloved students, ‘I will make you a crop circle and I will do it so that when you see it, you will know it is from me. And it is dedicated to you so the whole world can see it.’ And not too long after that this odd crop circle appears of an alien smoking a pipe. No one thought about what was this up here [above the head], what is this headdress? Is it an American Indian, is this a shaman, some feather hairdo? No, the feather hairdo was emulating this: You see, there are no lower three seals because in their stead is an alien smoking a pipe at the cusp of ultraviolet blue. There is no sexuality, there is no suffering, there is no power and victimization. We have conquered all of that. And I am smoking a pipe. The headdress is that I come with seven levels, four each of supreme consciousness and energy. And I smoke a pipe. Now how do you think my students, when they saw that, thought about that crop circle?”
– Ramtha
May 14, 2015
Ramtha’s Switzerland Intimate Day (audio only)

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