Joan of Arc, the girl behind the myth –
Ramtha on his daughter’s life as Joan of Arc

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– “Helen Castor went looking for the girl behind the myth of Joan of Arc, the condemned heretic who became a saint.”
“Helen is a medieval historian and BBC broadcaster. A Cambridge fellow, she co-presents BBC4 radio program, Making History.

Helen’s study of powerful historical women, She-Devils was adapted for TV by the BBC.

Now she’s told the story of Joan of Arc, the French maid who led an army into battle, thereby defeating the English and making a man king.

Joan claimed to be guided by the voice of God. In 15th century France, she was at first believed, and then, burned as a heretic. 25 years later she was exonerated, and now she is ‘Saint Joan’, a French national icon and globally recognised heroine.”
Click here for this fascinating audio interview on ABC Radio, Australia.

Click here for Helen Castor’s new book Joan of Arc: A History.

– St. Joan of Arc Feast Day
11 April 1905 by Pope Saint Pius X

16 May 1920 by Pope Benedict XV

Joan of Arc Festival or feast is celebrated on May 30th.
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– Ramtha on his daughter JZ Knight’s life as Joan of Arc
“My daughter was Joan of Arc. You should go see the movie about her [The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc]. It is no coincidence that it is playing, because consciousness draws out greatness. So go watch her. She has always been a warrior. One life, she was a lady — one — one life. After that she cut her hair off. She will swing a sword and you better be ready to look in her eyes.”
– Ramtha
November 6, 1999
Yelm, WA.
Beginning Retreat – Blue College Optional retreat

“My daughter was Joan of Arc. If this woman today hadn’t been Joan of Arc, there would be no more France. It would have been owned by the British and there would not be that beautiful, pristine City of Lights that makes the French so uniquely beautiful, neither their wonderful wine, nor their exquisite food, nor their elegance of grace. And in grace they can make the simplest of things beautiful. Without this wonderful human being then, there would be no France, ever.”
– Ramtha
July 16, 2000
Yelm, WA.

“Joan was a peasant, an uneducated woman from the backwaters of France, when the greed of England was endeavoring to overthrow France. These were two great bitter enemies throughout history, and there is a deeper reason why we will study that at another time. Just as the wind came to sink the armada against Elizabeth I, so came Joan of Arc who heard voices to march against the armies of England to save and preserve France. She had a short life.”


“Without Joan of Arc’s march, there would be no France today. There would only be an extension of Italy. Italy was under English rule at that time so it would have been the sedition of the French people, and eventually it would have fallen under the rule of Catholicism.”
– Ramtha
September 26, 2000
Yelm, WA.
Beginning Retreat

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