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Thomas Mani inspired by Ramtha to begin beekeeping

Thomas Mani working a bee hive
Photo courtesy: Thomas Mani

Thurston Talk recently published their story titled: “Thomas Mani – Saving the Day for Busy Beekeepers ”
He shares his inspiration from Ramtha in his own words:

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”In 2007 Ramtha encouraged us to contribute to the return of the honey bee. With the Colony Collapse Disorder as a new phenomenon upon us and the dramatic losses (30 to 35%) that followed every year, I realized that we should have more bees where we are living in order to secure our own food production in the days to come. In that moment I decided to say ‘Yes, I can do that. I can contribute to the return of the honey bee in our community.’
And I just did it.
It fit perfectly in our endeavor to live a self-sustainable life in harmony with nature.

At first I thought we need more beekeepers and therefore, I began by offering classes for three years. But then I learned that people were asking me to tend to their bees that they kept on their property, and that was the inspiration for the birth of the ‘Beekeeper For Hire’ concept. Although, it did not start as a business, it eventually became a business and now serves more than 30 clients between Eatonville and Rochester. This fact brought home another pearl of wisdom since I remember having read about the Ram saying to do what brings joy and money will show up as a side effect.
This certainly was and is the case in my adventure.”

Classes for beginning beekeepers are continuously offered by the Olympia Beekeepers Association.
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Pollination Angels in the Yelm region
Photo courtesy: Thomas Mani

If people are interested in joining the blue network of “pollination angels”, now is the time to join, reports Mani. The more blue circles we have where we live, the more secure pollination will be.
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– UPDATE: March 31, 2015
“Embrace Spring With Local Honey and Bee Pollen”
“If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, consuming local raw honey and bee pollen is a great place to start getting your body in tune with the local flora. Bee Forever Apiary offers raw, unprocessed products developed in the Bald Hills area,” quoting the Yelm Food Coop e-mailer.
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