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Robyn Hawk featured for her Yelm Food Co-op guidance

Robyn Hawk
Photo courtesy: Yelm Food Co-op

Robyn Hawk was recently featured in the Yelm Food Cooperative’s newsletter and describes how RSE has inspired her to grow to new heights:

“How does RSE studies aid my life?

RSE instructions & disciplines reflect on every particle of my Being ~ to the very depths of my Soul & DNA…SYNERGISM (the doctrine that the human will cooperates with my DIVINE Spirit in the work of regeneration). With reflection to the Yelm Food Co~op article, I will relate to the brilliant teaching which has giving me the knowing~ness that Dyslexia is not a problem, but a possibility that heightens my human experience.”

From the Yelm Foor Cooperative’s newsletter:
“Watching the Baby Grow Up: Robyn Hawk on Yelm Co-op Then and Now”

For Robyn Hawk, the Yelm Food Cooperative resembles a child she gets to see grow up. “’t’s like a baby that’s been well-nourished,’ she says. She ought to know. Robyn has been volunteering almost since the store’s inception, and she has seen all of the growing pains and changes that have occurred along the way. She is inspired by both the people who have stuck with it since the beginning, and the relatively new arrivals. ‘I wholeheartedly know that everything that goes on in the co-op is authentic and of pure intent,’ she says. ‘Everybody gives of their heart and soul, paid and not paid.’

She remembers how the store began ten years ago.”

“Today, volunteering at the Yelm Co-op allows her to fulfill a childhood dream. ‘Ever since I was a little kid, when we’d play house, I wanted to work with a cash register,’ she explains, ‘but I’m totally dyslexic. There’s nowhere else on the planet that they’d let me run a cash register. It’s so fun for me. I love it. Working at the co-op is one of my favorite things that I do.”
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