Ramtha’s Channel JZ Knight Predicts Seattle Seahawks
Super Bowl Victory

Seattle Seahawks champion quarterback Russell Wilson,
Chief Football Officer for Seattle’s hometown-based Alaska Airlines.
Photo courtesy: Alaska Airlines, Inc.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson uses his mind to visualize outcome –
Ramtha has taught this process for decades

With a mind like Russel Wilson’s, JZ Knight said:
“My prediction for the Super Bowl is this, the Seahawks will run away with the win by 3 quarter.”

– “Seeing is believing: Russell Wilson visualizes, Seahawks win”
“While you were a nervous wreck, unable to sleep and wishing the game would get here already, Russell Wilson just finished his normal Saturday [Jan. 17].
He planned on sleeping almost 12 hours.

No, the Seahawks’ ultra-poised leader is not sweating this NFC Championship Game against one of the league’s most accomplished quarterbacks of the last decade in Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
Because he’s already seen how this game is going to go.

‘Sometimes,’ Wilson said after his third-down passing dismantled Carolina in last weekend’s divisional round, ‘I think I am made for these situations”
What and who have made him what he is?
What and who have made him 41-13 with a Super Bowl championship, a 5-1 postseason record and a 17-3 record in December, January and February?
His mind.

The key to Wilson being the winningest quarterback in NFL history over the first three seasons of a career is the uncanny accuracy of what Wilson visualizes compared to what actually happens.
‘That’s something that I tried to pride myself on. I think any great player has to be clutch,’ he says.
‘And I’m always trying to be in that moment, always trying to be there in that space … I think it’s a mental space that you have to be in. You have to. You can’t shy away from those moments.’
‘It’s something that I try to rely on and just try to visualize myself being in every week.’

Since he was in grade school in Richmond, Virginia, in the early 2000s,
Wilson has been visualizing the plays and scenarios he is convinced he’s about to see in games.
And far more times than not – 41 times in 54 NFL starts, in fact – what he’s seen is what he’s gotten on his way to victory.

‘He can see it. He can visualize it, and he puts himself in those situations many times.
Even before the season starts, he puts himself in those situations. He goes through those plays, he’s watching tape.
And after he’s done watching tape, he’s going back through it in his mind.’
‘He’s special,'” quoting By Gregg Bell, Tacoma News Tribune.
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– “Russell Wilson moved to tears by NFC Championship win”
“The NFC Championship was a roller coaster for everyone — players, coaches and fans.

When the game was over and the Seahawks posted a comeback win over the Packers in overtime, Russell Wilson did what any person would have — he cried.

In the postgame interview, Wilson humbly thanked God, as well as his teammates for having faith in him even after multiple interceptions. He threw four total in the game.

Now the Seahawks are headed back to the Super Bowl, the first team to do so in a decade,” quoting Elizabeth Wiley, KING 5 News, Seattle.
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– Science: Why ‘Create Your Day’® is important in your daily life
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– “Create Your Day® – An original Teaching by Ramtha The Enlightened One from 1992
“I would make a strong suggestion that every day you get up and you sit in this discipline, roll your eyes back, and instead of rushing around, sleeping in late, do this and focus, create your day.
All you have to do is to see that this day is filled with sublime adventure. And if you know it and you feel it and you have given it life, it will be. So be it.”

“Waking up every single morning is a gift, don’t you know? Life is a gift. Create your day, what does that mean? And who is creating it? Did it ever occur to you that oftentimes you give permission for life to do to you what you complain about or are overjoyed with at the end of the day? Creating, well, creating is a privilege. It goes along with being a divine person. Divinity gets to create and that is why you want to know how to do it, because you are a divine entity.”
– Ramtha

From: Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 323, Beginning C&E® Workshop
September 19-20, 1992 (Yelm: Ramtha Dialogues®, 1992)
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– “Ramtha, The Brain — The Creator of Reality and a Lofty Life”
By Jaime Leal Anaya, SuperConsciousness.
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