Romania fireball sightings support Ramtha’s prediction of “signs in the sky”

Photo credit: The Watchers

– “Video: Exploding fireball lights up sky over Romania”
“A fireball was caught on security cameras early Wednesday [Jan. 7] morning over Bucharest, Romania. In the footage, airport security cameras capture the fireball briefly lighting up the dark sky with a bright greenish light.

According to the American Meteor Society, the footage shows a bolide, which is the light emitted by a large meteoroid or asteroid as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere,” quoting Thomas Johnson, The Washington Post.
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– UPDATE: January 18, 2015
“’Nike meteorite’ leaves swoosh in sky over Russia’s Far East (VIDEO, PHOTOS)”

“The residents of Russia’s Amur region woke up Sunday morning to notice an unusual celestial phenomenon – a shining object flying through the sky, leaving a white trail that some social media users compared to the Nike logo,” quoting RT.
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– Update: February 11, 2015
“UFO Sighting with Glowing Orbs Formation in Western Massachusetts – January 14, 2015”
Click here and Click here for videos from 2 different locations.

– UPDATE: February 19, 2015
“500 Pound Meteor Lights Up Pennsylvania Sky”
Click here for the video from NBC News.

– UPDATE: April 30, 2015
“Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego”
By Laura McVicker, NBC News San Diego.
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– UPDATE: May 20, 2015
“UFO over Groningen [Netherlands]”
“Suddenly there was a flash.
First I thought it was the flash of the camera , but the flash-cap was not open.
There was no waterdrop on my lens.
I thought it must have been lightening (thunderstorm).
But when I cam home there was something strange on the picture I took from the landscape,”
Submitted and translated by:
Jo Linmans
Coordinator Ramtha School België

By the Netherlands’ De Telegraaf.
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– UPDATE: May 28, 2015
“Amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft took a photo of these “sprites” on May 23.
Clearly, in the photo and video, they outline a UFO craft.

By Space
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– UPDATE: June 29, 2015
“Does this look like an alien ship? ‘Flying saucer’ UFO is captured hovering over Stonehenge, claim conspiracy theorists”
* Alien hunters say UFO visited the monument during summer solstice
* According to a UFO blog, it hovered for a short time over the stones
* UFO expert David Clarke said it was ‘Unconvincing. Probably a bird’,”
by Ellie Zolfagharifard, UK’s
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– Ramtha on “signs in the sky” and “silent explosions”
“A lot of marvels are coming. And there will be wild craft. There will be signs in the sky. There will be spirals out of nowhere. There will be lights that dash across the horizon. There will be silent, silent explosions. And everyone will be told it is a meteor shower. It is the best damn meteor shower I have ever seen and, by the way, the most elliptical I have ever seen.
Things will fall to Earth in an ocean, terrifying sailors and mariners who will see, from the surface, debris and shocking monsters. And the moon will light up in an unearthly, ghostly hue and it will frighten lovers on lovers’ lane. Shadows will pass across the Earth, and suddenly in one great moment the Void will light up 360 degrees. The great ones have come.”

– Ramtha
Opus of the Ram
September 3, 2011
Yelm, WA
Excerpt — “Signs in the Sky”

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