Ramtha: “Being Honorable and Indeed Impeccable”

– Ramtha: “What is Honor?”
“What is honor? Everyone cherishes that word. Everyone wants to somehow be honorable.”
“It seems to be a noble and befitting way to be. I will tell you what honor is.”
“Honor is when you don’t play games and simply are your ulterior motive. That is
being impeccable. That is not necessarily beautiful but it is impeccable. Being
honorable is being up-front. There is no mishmash, no gray area. There is no
maybe. There is no hot and cold or one day you are on and the next day you are off.
There is no instability. When you are what you are at this time in your time, that is
being honorable and indeed impeccable. To waver off of that is to be unimpeccable.”

– Ramtha
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Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, The Mystery of Birth and Death
and Fireside Series, Vol. 1, No. 2, Changing the Timeline of Our Destiny.
Yelm, WA

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Posted: January 1st, 2015 - Featured Articles, News Headlines, Ramtha

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