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Ramtha: “water will become more valuable than gold”

U.S. Drought Monitor – California, November 11, 2014
Courtesy: The National Drought Mitigation Center

– “Depleting the water”
“Lesley Stahl reports on disturbing new evidence that our planet’s groundwater is being pumped out much faster than it can be replenished,”
This program aired on Nov. 16, 2014

“It’s been said that the wars of the 21st century may well be fought over water. The Earth’s population has more than doubled over the last 50 years and the demand for fresh water — to drink and to grow food — has surged along with it. But sources of water like rainfall, rivers, streams, reservoirs, certainly haven’t doubled. So where is all that extra water coming from? More and more, it’s being pumped out of the ground.

Water experts say groundwater is like a savings account — something you draw on in times of need. But savings accounts need to be replenished, and there is new evidence that so much water is being taken out, much of the world is in danger of a groundwater overdraft.

California is entering its fourth year of a record-breaking drought. Last year was the driest since the state started keeping records more than a hundred years ago.”
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– UPDATE: November 22, 2014
“Water being auctioned for millions of dollars in California as drought reaches extremes”
By L.J. Devon, Natural News, originally posted July 4, 2014.
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– UPDATE: November 22, 2014
“Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park”
By Michael Wines, The New York Times.
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– UPDATE: November 24, 2014
“Privateers Make a Water Grab”
“Facing increasing opposition abroad, over the past several decades, global water privatizers like Veolia and Suez have begun to see U.S. cities as expansion markets. These corporations have aggressively interfered in the democratic governance of water and have sought to trap cities in unfavorable privatization contracts,” by Ellen Dannin, Portside.
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– UPDATE: November 30, 2014
Israeli company Water-Gen is internationally recognized for innovation in creating Atmospheric Water Generation to be introduced in 2015, to circumnavigate water wars.
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– UPDATE: December 3, 2014
“Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days”
By Mike Adams, Natural News.
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– UPDATE: December 5, 2014
“…another study found that California is facing the worst drought in 1,200 hears (sic).”
By Nightly News, with Brian Williams, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: December 27, 2014
“Water Source for Almonds in California May Run Dry”
“Farmers in the area where almond production has been most consistent have relied on water from a federally controlled project that draws its supply largely from the Sacramento River. But that source is less reliable because of legal requirements that in a time of scarcity, waterways that nurture California salmon must also get available water flows.”
By Felicity Barringer, The New York Times.
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– UPDATE: February 12, 2015
“US ‘at risk of mega-drought future'”
“The American south-west and central plains could be on course for super-droughts the like of which they have not witnessed in over a 1,000 years.”
“The study suggests events unprecedented in the last millennium may lie ahead.”
“Dr Cook’s new study is published in the journal Science Advances, and it has been discussed also at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science,” by Jonathan Amos, BBC Science Correspondent.
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– UPDATE: February 13, 2015
“Corrupt Water Privatization Schemes: U.S. Citizens Mobilize Against Corporate Water Grabs”
By Victoria Collier, Global Research.
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– UPDATE: February 24, 2015
“It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?!”
“Why California’s drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts.”
By Alex Park and Julia Lurie, Mother Jones.
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– UPDATE: March 17, 2015
“In Russia, a drying lake threatens an ‘era of water wars'”
“In Russia’s Siberian south, near the border of Mongolia, the world’s largest freshwater lake is shrinking.

The surrounding communities depend on Lake Baikal, which contains about one-fifth of the earth’s unfrozen freshwater reserves, for their power, water and livelihoods.

But in the past four months the lake’s water level has dropped so low that experts are calling it a crisis – one they warn could lead to conflicts in Russia over water,” by Angelina Davydova, Reuters UK.
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– UPDATE: March 17, 2015
“NASA: California Down to One Year Supply of Water”
Drought emergency – California’s water supply is disappearing faster than thought.
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– UPDATE: March 24, 2015
“California Water Wars: Another Form of Asset Stripping?”
By Ellen Brown
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– UPDATE: April 1, 2015
“California Imposes Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions”
“In a historic move, California is ordering water use to be slashed by 25 percent across the state to deal with a drought that just won’t quit.

With more than 98 percent of the state suffering from a drought that has stretched into its fourth year,
Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order from the mostly snow-bare Phillips Station in the Sierra Nevada mountains — an area that would usually have snow pack more than 66 inches deep at this time of year,” by Anna R. Schecter, Matthew DeLuca and Patrick J. Rizzo, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: April 4, 2015
“How historic California drought affects rest of nation, often for the worse”
By Michael Martinez and Alexandra Meeks, CNN.
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– UPDATE: April 8, 2015
“Taiwan begins water rationing to combat the effects of the worst drought in a decade”
From the AFP on Australia’s ABC News.
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– UPDATE: April 12, 2015

The Rio Grande (Big River), by Max Whittaker for The New York Times

“Mighty Rio Grande Now a Trickle Under Siege”
From Michael Winesapril, The New York Times.
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– UPDATE: April 18, 2015
“Why Water Markets Might Work In California”
“When Australia suffered a drought in the 2000s, it set up markets to trade water rights. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer asks McKenzie Funk whether water markets could help California,” on NPR.
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– UPDATE: April 20, 2015

“William Shatner wants to bust drought with pipe from Washington to California”
By Kurtis Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle Blog.
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– UPDATE: April 26, 2015
“California’s Central Valley Sinking Faster Than Ever Before As Farmers Drill For Water During Drought”
By Allen Martin, KPIX TV 5 News – CBS San Francisco.
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– UPDATE: May 13, 2015
“California land mass sinking at record rate as farmers desperately drill new wells to use up ground water”
By P.A. Watson, Natural News.
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– UPDATE: June 16, 2015
“Study: Third of Big Groundwater Basins in Distress”
About one third of Earth’s largest groundwater basins are being rapidly depleted by human consumption, despite having little accurate data about how much water remains in them, according to two new studies led by the University of California, Irvine (UCI), using data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites.

This means that significant segments of Earth’s population are consuming groundwater quickly without knowing when it might run out, the researchers conclude. The findings are published today in Water Resources Research,” quoting NASA’s JPL.
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– Ramtha has stated frequently about the value of water.
– Ramtha: water will become more valuable than gold
1. “Water, water, water — it will become more valuable than gold. I asked you to put up three great commodities: land, gold, and water. I also asked you to put up food because at the time it remained untainted. Once upon a time, a great chicken stew preserved would be healthy in times ahead. Now it is poisonous, riddled with bacteria and supergerms.”
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA
From Ramtha Afternoon – October 9, 2010.

2. “Never curse the rain. There will be a day from whence you have come that you will open your mouth and beg for it, for water will become more valuable than gold.”
— Ramtha
Yelm, WA
Excerpt from: Ramtha – February 20, 2007.

3. “Think about all the people who think the world is going to come to an end: there are going to be terrorist bombings, the Earth is going to shift on its axis, there is not going to be any money, and there is not going to be any water. If you listened to me — you have two years’ supply of food, water, gold, and money, you have generators, fuel, and solar energy — this shouldn’t even affect you. This is someone else’s problem.”
— Ramtha
Yelm, WA
December 20, 1999

4. Ramtha’s Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone
Include water storage
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