Ramtha predictions on Infectious Diseases

Sweden detects E. coli case not linked to Germany
“Swedish health authorities said Tuesday they had detected a case of infection with the E. coli strain that caused a deadly outbreak in Germany, in a man who had not been to that country,” quoting France 24, June 28, 2011.

E. coli strain behind German deaths apparently resurfaces in France
“The strain of E. coli blamed for 46 deaths in Germany appears to have resurfaced in France, the French Ministry of Health said,” quoting CNN, June 26, 2011.

“E. coli ‘passed from human to human'”
“The E. coli bug responsible for a deadly recent outbreak in Germany has been passed from human to human for the first time,” quoting the BBC, June 19, 2011.

“…Authorities Still Searching for Source of E. Coli”
“The latest offending strain of E. Coli – 0104:H4 – has proved uniquely virulent and rare. It has led to a staggering rate of hemolytic uremic syndrome, a sometimes-fatal complication linked to kidney failure.

Phillip Tarr, an E. Coli expert and director of the gastroenterology and nutrition division and University of Washington at St. Louis says it’s believed to be a result of different organisms exchanging genetic material,” quoting Jenny Marder on PBS.

“E. coli outbreak has officials wary, puzzled”
“The source of the new strain of E. coli bacteria that is proving unusually virulent was originally thought to be cucumbers or other produce from Spain, and then the source was said to be organically grown bean sprouts from Germany.

As of Monday afternoon [June 6], however, tests had not found any of the toxins on sprouts grown by the suspect farm in Germany, raising more questions about the outbreak,” quoting David Brooks in the Nashua [NH] Telegraph.

The following lists Ramtha’s quotes on coming Infectious Diseases:

1. From Winds of Change III, 2007 Release — CD 052

I got some of my people to leave the cities. No one at that time thought that the cities would become dangerous and that the plagues and all sorts of viruses would run havoc. They now do. The cities are dangerous and the water is putrid. The only food supply that comes into the city is what is brought from marketplaces and from the farmers who finally are becoming an extinct order. The food is contaminated and poisoned; that now is becoming a reality. In those times, only a few years ago, it seemed as if I was creating fear in the marketplace. I did.

We can go into the new strain of virus now that is on the land that is being sprayed. We can go into that which is termed particular places and how they will be reacting through the days to come, but every place will be affected. Every place will be affected. For those of you who are making your homes in other countries, every place, in particular Europa, is going to be affected. In South Africa, the plagues will not reduce. They will find a new strain, and the new strain that begins to transmute itself will kill the people faster than it did before.

2. From Ramtha Predictions — January, February, March 2004

So now your fish is inedible. Your fruits and vegetables come from foreign places that are loaded with disease and have no nutrient value. And viruses and bacteria are doing species jumps. They are using fruits and vegetables to make the jump into the human food chain.

3. From Ramtha Afternoon — October 9, 2010

Water, water, water — it will become more valuable than gold. I asked you to put up three great commodities: land, gold, and water. I also asked you to put up food because at the time it remained untainted. Once upon a time, a great chicken stew preserved would be healthy in times ahead. Now it is poisonous, riddled with bacteria and supergerms.
The day approached when the first outbreak in meat occurred. I said it would happen, and two weeks later it happened. And ever since, the relentlessness of salmonella poisoning, the relentlessness of superbugs, are everywhere.

4. From May 6, 2011 — Ramtha’s Critical Update

There will be an outbreak of a new horrible virus because certain companies need for you to take a vaccination. That outbreak oddly will come out of the northern countries and will start in the northern latitudes. It will no longer use Japan and China as its laboratories. It will come out of a northern European country and will be brand-new, but it is manufactured.

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