UFO ‘buzzes’ Yellowstone Supervolcano Sept. 18, 2014 –
Ramtha predicted this on June 6, 2014

– September 18, 2014; “UFO buzzes” over Yellowstone Supervolcano?”
Click here for the video on YouTube.

– Ramtha on ships (UFOs) that are being seen over Yellowstone”
– June 6, 2014
“We are doing our best to prevent Yellowstone National Park from blowing up. There will be reported lights over it and you will see them in the days coming. They will be called UFOs. The media never wants to call anything a UFO. But you will see the lights. You also have to understand that magma — molten rock and iron — is highly magnetic and that whenever the magnetic field in the north starts to move this far south that it is like a magnet, the magma coming out of the Earth to meeting the force that is coming through the atmosphere. It is an inevitable reaction. So you will note some changes on that, and you just do not know how bad that can get.
Your great mountain will have several small earthquakes. It is not a sign that it is about to blow. It is a rumbling from the caldera of the Yellowstone volcano.”

– Ramtha
June 6, 2014
Yelm WA.
Evening with Ramtha

– July 28 – 31, 2014
“The black ships, from which I come, will become more numerous, more intimidating, and unforgettable. The Lemurians, we always do it in style.”
– Ramtha
July 28-31, 2014
Yelm, WA.
Ramtha’s Summer Prophecy

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