Two students witness UFO activity near Yelm:
Clare Wade and Susan Freitag report

Susan Freitag, Clare Wade

My friend, Susan Freitag, and I had an interesting experience on Wednesday evening, Oct, 1st, that we would like to share with everyone.

I was on my way to work at about 8:40pm and was meeting her on Lawrence Lake Rd. at the old Cougar Mountain store for a personal exchange. When I arrived, she was out of her car jumping up and down and motioning me to get out of my truck…..rather insistently. When I joined her, she pointed towards Neat Rd. which is East, towards the mountain [Mt. Rainier]. When I looked up, I saw two UFO’s hovering there in the sky. They were just hanging there, one above the other and they were flashing lights, white, red and blue; sort of sequential like a red, yellow, and green light at an intersection.

We were so excited and talking to each other rather fast when we saw another flying object approaching from the left. I said, “There comes a plane. I wonder what will happen next.” And she said, “Let’s wait and see, because that is what the other two looked like when I first saw them.” As it got closer, we could see that it was indeed another UFO and it continued very slowly until it seemingly stopped to the left of the others……forming a symbol resembling a triad. We watched in absolute awe for several minutes until in unison, all three of them started to descend slowly downward until they went below the treeline. We both agreed that they were huge in comparison to any airplane either of us has ever seen. We estimated that they were located between our location and Mt. Rainier. Needless to say, we were thrilled and grateful for the experience and look upon it as our introduction to our new relationship with our galactic family.

As a side note, when I woke from my nap before going to do my 12 hour shift at work, I heard the distinct ringing in my ears as described by our teacher. I (per instruction) began chattering acknowledgement to whoever was out there and I jokingly said, “Is this a trial run for my pick-up day?” Susan has also had many conversations with our galactic family recently and we surmised that this is our introduction, with much more to come!

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Ramtha and JZ for their continued, dedicated, teamwork.


Susan Freitag
Clare Wade

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