Mary Hath in New York

RSE student Mary Hath [Abramson] of Yelm, WA. participated in the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH in New York City, the largest climate march in New York history. Mary gave credit to her RSE training for the inspiration to travel there. Here is Mary’s story in her own words:

“My life has become joyful because of my Master teacher Ramtha and his school RSE.
I am now secure in the knowledge that I am loved and part of God.
I have absolutely no anxiety and I am fearless….secure, happy and at peace in all moments.
I now KNOW because my out-of-body experiences, manifesting items out of thin air, healing myself and others, knowing the future, etc. that I can do anything, be anything (Mother Goddess Liberty) and know anything (I ask the question and the answer comes as a flash/out of the blue).
I am so thankful for my beloved teacher, Ramtha, JZ and all the marvelous teachers I have had at RSE.
My heart’s desire is for the whole world to be taught Ramtha’s knowledge and have the love, power, wisdom, joy and peace which I now possess.”

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– Mary’s report of her experiences in New York City’s largest march in history:

How can I ever begin to describe one the the greatest events of my life! I left Olympia to fly to Oakland, CA to catch a ride on the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE TRAIN – four days on Amtrak to New York with 177 activists. Several workshops were held and I was able to assist Liza Marcus with the Backbone Workshop. [Participants cut out huge letters and figures and assembled them on deer fencing to be used in the march.] Dressed as Mother Liberty for the many rallies along the route I taught and led the 177 activists in the SING FOR THE CLIMATE international song and was even interviewed for Amy Goodman’s DEMOCRACY NOW!
When in New York on the way to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while walking through Central Park, ran into Robert Kennedy Jr.!! I gave him a ‘packet’ on a free energy machine.[Before leaving for the park I had a sudden ‘flash’ to go back and get a ‘packet’. I am learning to ‘trust spirit’ and did go back to my room to get a ‘packet’]
Not only did I give Robert Kennedy Jr. a ‘packet’ on the water free energy heaters developed by Eric Noe and Cal Tech professors, I was able to give a ‘packet’ that evening to those I had ‘intended to contact this weekend’ – Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, and Chris Hedges at the Climate People’s March’s powerful panel discussion which also included Senator Bernie Sanders and our own Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant. PLEASE GET THIS VIDEO VIRAL for it seemed like the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION began that night – Sept. 20th in the white pews of New York Unitarian Church:

The day of the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH I walked to Central Park dressed as LIBERTY at 6 a.m. to await the arrival of Backbone’s 11 ft. diameter HUGE GLOBE to be delivered. We had to inflate it and add to our two HUGE banners 12′ ft. high cardboard tubes. Once assembled I walked the mile length of the line-up area meeting with Medea Benjamin and Al Gore, who by the way remembered me and held my hand (I had a dream two weeks before that I was in the center of a march as Liberty and Al Gore was holding my hand!- In my school we learn that All have this ability to KNOW the Future in the infrared frequency available in our midbrain.)

If that wasn’t enough I was greeted by Dr. Jill Stein at the end of the parade and we discussed some ‘new strategies….like a Male/Female Presidential Team, the perfect balance of male/female energies. I suggested she talk with Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich about the idea. Give that some thought my friends! I have come to the conclusion that The Green Party, which doesn’t take corporate donations, is the clear choice of parties to embrace the battered American masses caught in debt slavery….the 99% The motto of the Green Party is perfect:


The official estimate of the people in the parade was 400,000!! At 11 a.m. we began marching the 3 miles through mid-Manhattan. It took until 4 p.m!! At noon we were to be ‘quiet’ for two minutes and than ‘explode’ in a powerful (warrior type) yell. Oh, my God – what an explosion of sound!!! – the POWER of the COLLECTIVE!! That intense MOMENT of SOUND was worth my whole lifetime of being – AWESOME!!!
Needless to say I had a grand time as Mother Liberty standing in front of Backbone’s magnificent GLOBE with so many photographers and newsmen taking my picture and asking for interviews! In each interview I stated that, “Like Gandolf on the bridge we were here to say to the international Banksters and the Fossil Fuel Tyrants – YOU SHALL NOT PASS! We are coming together to create a new FUTURE which respects human LIFE and NATURE! No more power and control freaks….IT IS FINISHED!!”
Next day, Monday we met at tip of Manhattan in Battery Park with the real Lady Liberty standing on her pedestal on nearby island for FLOOD WALLSTREET MARCH. Again as Mother Liberty, I marched next to Medea Benjamin and Tim Dechristopher to the Wall Street Bull. Many, over 100 were arrested, including the Polar Bear who marched next to me in Sunday’s march – I was not arrested.
True to form….the Graymen are trying to ‘divert’ attention from themselves and their ‘rape and pillage’ of the planet to more warring in the Middle East. It will not work this time; for it is their LAST WALTZ.

P.S. This is my video: Liberty Enlightening the World – July 4th

Love to all, Mary Hath Abramson, alias Mother Liberty

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