Long time student Paula Luiken’s observations about RSE

Long time Student Paula Luiken gave permission to post this letter she sent to JZ about her recent experiences at RSE:

“I have been in school for 28 yrs. I had not attended beginning events for years because of holding on to beliefs in lack and personal limitations.
Thank you for the new events- Beginning 101 and Genetics of The Future 201.
I attended 101 in July here in Yelm. In September, I repeated 101 and continued on with 201.
Some of the highlights for me during the initial 101 were: Ramtha’s surprise appearance after the private and his teaching on control, insecurity…; Laura’s wonderful demonstration of Blue Body Dance which inspired me to do it with new comprehension, focus and presence; and the technology used to give us great visuals and animations of the teachings themselves. I truly appreciated all of it. I was in awe of how so much information and so many disciplines could be presented in such a concise and impactful way. I learned a lot and grew from all of it!
In the 201 event, it was wonderful to review all the disciplines-their meaning and technique. I was more open and more surrendered. I was willing to correct some bad habits I had developed over the years. For example : I had been inhaling too deeply…and causing my shoulders to move up and down unnecessarily. I corrected that and became calmer in the body.
The long blocks of focus helped to deepen my trance state.
I experienced the “Neighborhood Walk®” from a more present state, more focused, more diligent at self correcting,and allowed”new streams of thought” to come instead of memorized words. I had a new attitude, and better understanding of the value of the walk.
During twilight, I became more aware of my second point of consciousness deep in my frontal lobe. I continued to see that point (sometimes an eye) in all my other disciplines.
The “heretical Fieldwork®” allowed me to hold one point of focus better, be more diligent at self correction, go deeper and be more present with my creation…because of no concern for the cards on the fence.
The last “heretical Fieldwork®” on Sunday morning taught me the difference between focusing on an unknown (like the future-now DNA) and maintaining detachment versus focusing on a known desire (like money) and having emotions come up immediately. Then I needed to self correct, to detach from that emotion… I was in the process of doing that when the field was called.
Yesterday, at the casino, I maintained detachment and calmness when I got the thought to play the machine called “Zeus”. I sat down and had the thought “Big Win”. I played thirty cents three times…got 10 free spins-. On the 5th spin the words “Big Win” appeared…and Voila! $75.00. I cashed in and left. I have not been going to the casino for a very long time because I did not like that emotion “fear of losing” coming up.
I have found a new respect for The Great Work…and the disciplines as tools to connect with my God, be entranced, go analogical with my desire, and create reality consciously/intentionally. I am a new beginner!
Thoughts like: Being; Knowing; Focus; Trance; Conscious Creation; Analogical; Observer-Creator; God Within are becoming more real for me now.
I look forward to attending the Capstone Event in October and experiencing the next level of “The Great Work”
Thank you again J.Z. for “Being” here; channeling Ramtha; and sharing your personal truths and wisdom with us.
To the capacity that I can love my Self, I extend that love to you.
So Be That !”

Paula Luiken

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