Paulina Amador connects with a “ship”

Paulina Amador

– Paulina Amador shares her story in her own words in photographing a “ship.”

  Two photos  

“On July 6th 2014 I visited the Nisqually Refuge National Park. While doing my neighborhood walk, I AM LIVING MY FUTURE NOW, two ships appeared on daylight at 2:00pm.

I have always been fascinated by ships and have had many encounters since early age, the most amazing ones happen in New Mexico, USA; as well as through various RSE events, in the name field, while doing the grid in Puebla, Mexico, at the parking lot at the RSE campus, etc.

The Ram recently gave a FABULOUS teaching where he spoke about our MILLION YEARS IN THE FUTURE NOW- ALIEN DNA. He mentioned that he was going to send us runners to prove to us that he/we are changing and awakening our DNA from its dormant state to a SUPER HUMAN state.

The night of the Friday 4th of July, I went outside late at night to see if I could see any fireworks. I could hear them far but I saw none, although a beautiful shooting star showed up and a huge flash, 10 times bigger than the glow a star, like a gigantic flashlight beamed at me. I thought WOW that was amazing it must have been a ship. It was for sure not a firework, it was quite high up in the mountains.

The following Sunday July 6th while looking at the sky and focusing on I HAVE ALWAYS LIVE MY FUTURE NOW, I saw one ship gliding across the sky, I got totally excited and immediately texted the photos to my dear friend Sonya (German translator). We have been recently thrilled about Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer and all what we have learned about the ISBE’s and the domain. Right after I put the phone down a second ship appeared. These ships glided across the sky for maybe 5 minutes, they glowed a few times, as they where aware that I was looking. They made sure to shine a few times as soon as I had them perfectly on my camera visor (cell-phone). In previous years most of the time they would go in and out pretty fast. I feel as if this time they wanted to be seen. It may be time for the so awaited big event in the sky that the RAM has talked about for some years.

Love to the RAM, JZ and all the Majestic beings on the other side.”

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