“Earth’s magnetic field is weakening…” –
Ramtha has spoken many times on this subject

The Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from solar radiation, has grown weaker over the past six months, according to satellite data. This map shows the filed from January to June. Shades of red represent areas of strengthening, while blues show
areas of weakening over the 6-month period.” Courtesy: UK’s Daily Mail

– “Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than thought in the Western Hemisphere”
“- Data was collected by the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites
– First data set reveals dramatic declines over the Western hemisphere, but a strengthening of the Earth’s magnetic field over the southern Indian Ocean
– Changes could be due to the magnetic poles getting ready to ‘flip’
– Latest measurements confirm movement of magnetic North towards Siberia
– Scientists previously estimated the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at five per cent every century and now think it could be 10 times as fast,” quoting Sarah Griffiths, UK’s Daily Mail.
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– CBS News reported this news in the US.
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– “The North Pole Could Soon Drift Over to Siberia”
“Earth’s magnetic field seems to be weakening and potentially migrating”
By Rachel Nuwer,
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– UPDATE: September 16, 2014
“Earth’s Impending Magnetic Flip”
“A geomagnetic reversal may happen sooner than expected”
By Annie Sneed, Scientific American.
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– Ramtha has spoken often about Earth’s magnetic field changes
“The Earth is going to change. It is going to change in many ways. The nature of the Earth and its magnetic field is shifting because the Earth is in agony. It is a living being. It has been destroyed by a cancer, and the cancer is civilization, ignorance, religion. Religion, I told you, is the emptying of the human being, their God, their divinity, and giving to them the Earth under the guise of economics to destroy it. It was all planned.”
– Ramtha
September 16, 1993
Yelm, WA.
Winds of Change III

“Earth will get volatile because of this alignment. Already its magnetic pole is going further towards Siberia. Remember when I told you that the pole will be going that way, and the magnetic field of where you are will be going north? That has happened already. It is the magnetic pole traveling at a most alarming rate. And the polar ice is melting faster than you can pour yourself a drink of water.
– Ramtha
November Follow-up 2012
Yelm, WA.

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