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Thursday, July 24, 2014
JZ’s introduction of local Democratic candidate Greg Hartman & Democratic officials
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Democrat LD2 candidate Greg Hartman with other officials and JZ Knight

Rob Simone’s exclusive interview with Ramtha – Aired in 4 Parts
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Friday, July 25, 2014
– Books presented by JZ
+ “DNA of the Gods: The Anunnaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity” by Chris H. Hardy
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+ “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley
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– Audio excerpts JZ played today from Ramtha’s teachings in the 1980’s available on these CDs:
+ The Tyrants Series: Aliens and UFO’s
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+ Yahweh – Jehovah
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+ Pyramids
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+ Animals, Music, Crystals and Mythical Creatures
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+ “Mermaids” on Discovery’s Animal Planet
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– “Diver who saved dolphin: ‘He swam right up to me'”
By Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News.
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– “The Monk and the Bird of Paradise”
By Lilian Gask
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

– Lawrence R. Spencer’s talk as publisher of the book transcript her edited Alien Interview.
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– “ScienceCasts: Carrington-class CME Narrowly Misses Earth” – Video
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– “Near Miss: The Solar Superstorm of July 2012”
From NASA.
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– Ramtha on the solar superstorm of 2012
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– Famed pilot John Lear, whose father developed the Learjet, on pilots seeing zippers open up in the desert.
From KLAS, CBS TV 8, Las Vegas.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Debbie Christie’s depiction of what she and others saw over JZ’s house
circa July 1987

Tornado over RSE’s Yelm campus
Photo Credit: Published in the Nisqually Valley News, taken Wed., Oct 15, 2003
Copyright © 2014 Lafromboise Communications, Inc., used with permission.

– Laura Mooney’s Form to “Make a Plan”
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– Event Music List
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– Event Photo Album and Orb Show – combined with Ramtha’s Yelm Prophecy.
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