“Destructive solar blasts narrowly missed Earth in 2012” –
Ramtha in 2007 & 2011 on being prepared for solar storms

“This image, captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory,
shows the M5.3 class solar flare that peaked on July 4, 2012,
at 5:55 AM EDT and released on July 5, 2012.
Credit: Reuters/NASA/SDO/AIA/Helioviewer/Handout

– “Scientists say destructive solar blasts narrowly missed Earth in 2012”
“Fierce solar blasts that could have badly damaged electrical grids and disabled satellites in space narrowly missed Earth in 2012, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday [March 19, 2014].

The bursts would have wreaked havoc on the Earth’s magnetic field, matching the severity of the 1859 Carrington event, the largest solar magnetic storm ever reported on the planet. That blast knocked out the telegraph system across the United States, according to University of California, Berkeley research physicist Janet Luhmann,” quoting Laila Kearney for Reuters.
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– Ramtha was very specific about preparing for sunspot activity disruptions
“During my talk on the days to come before, I talked about sunspot activity and the eruptions. And indeed they did come and indeed it was felt and it was experienced in the weather. That was mild. That was a no-thing. It was a mere discomfort, small. This one will not be that. This is a violent exploding surface of the sun, whose explosions will reach far out in all directions.

Those solar winds that are blowing this way will blow out all electrical equipment. So now you have lost your cell phone, your computer. You have lost any electronics. You can’t drive your automachine because it works on electricity. The airplanes can’t fly and the trains can’t go. The neutralization of sun flares here in Earth’s ionosphere disrupts electrical current, so then the cities will lose their power. There just simply won’t be any. And that is the sun cycle. It just happens to be a very mean one.”
– Ramtha, Change – The Days That Are Here
April 14, 2007

– Ramtha spoke of sunstorms’ consequences on the electrical grid in early Summer 2011
“There are applications that are focused on solar activity that will let you know what comes off the sun and approximately how large it is. If you had this little alert system you would know what part of the Earth will be affected, what the northern lights will look like and where they will shine next, and you should be doing that.
Why is that really important? You don’t want to be in an airplane, you don’t want to be in the city, and you don’t want to be lost in your automobile unprepared. Those are minor disturbances: airplanes going down, ships’ engines stopping, computers going down, satellites falling. That is minor. But it will affect your world and the choices you make since you are unaware of your environment.
There is good reason why governments are removing budgets from infrastructure repair and grid repair and letting satellites go into the ocean, because it is a wasted effort. But it looks like a political game.”

– Ramtha
Spiritual Integrity Assay
Yelm, WA
July 9, 2011

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