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Beverley Hallett “comes clean” on $18,836 total winnings

Beverley Hallett

RSE student Beverley Hallett decided to “come clean” after being inspired on the value of sharing the story of her wins as a result of the training of focus learned at RSE. Here is Beverley’s story in her own words:

“I decided to come clean after today’s [June 12] Jackpot win of $1,299.00 at the Red Wind Casino and report that since I started doing my casino “Fieldwork®” last March, my winnings have totaled $18,836.50.

Last June 2013, my $2,000 net win was posted on the RSE-Newsletter.
Since then I have won as follows:

August 2013, Jackpot of $2209.50 net at the Red Wind

October 2013, Not a jackpot but $900 net

November 2013, Not a jackpot put $2,700 net

December 2013, Not a jackpot but $1,460 net

January 2014, Not a jackpot but $850 net

February 2014, Not a jackpot but $2,300 net

March 2014, Jackpot of $1,558 net at the Tulalip Casino

March 2014, Not a Jackpot but $1,200 net

June 2014 to date, Not a jackpot but $500 net

Between March and June 2013, Not a Jackpot but $1,860 net

Overall since last March 2013 I have won 4 Jackpots which together with my other winnings total $18,836.50. The dollar amounts represent the net amount that I left the casino with on the days that I won.

As our teacher has taught us casino Fieldwork® is no different than our Fieldwork® discipline and winning at the casino is just like manifesting our cards. When I am focused, present and in analogical I win. If I am not, I get immediate feedback. I created this magical day this morning during focus and my walk. I love this discipline for all that it has taught me.

Thank you JZ and Ramtha for our great school. “

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