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Beverley Hallett attributes net $2,500 win to RSE

Beverley Hallett

RSE student Beverley Hallett used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning $2,500 NET at the casino. Here is Beverley’s story in her own words:

“When Ramtha announced the Million Dollar Event at the Primary I knew I wanted to be there. It was a truly magical event for me. Wednesday morning [June 19] I got my card and also saw 5 numbers during candle focus. I had gone on the field trip on Tuesday but had such excruciating back pain that it was a real challenge to focus and I left a donation. During Ram’s teaching on Wednesday afternoon, he said that when we go to the casino we should go “knowing” that we are a winner. After the event, I contemplated his teaching and was pulled to go back to the casino to redeem myself for Tuesday but with a totally different attitude.

As I walked into the casino I absolutely knew I was going to win. I bought a keno ticket for 5 games with my 5 numbers. I was on a slot machine when they announced the 6:00 o’clock draw for $2,000. I said “It would be nice to win the draw”. Moments later they announced my name. Later when I checked the keno, I had hit 4 out of 5 numbers.

My husband Ron and I had dinner then decided to play for another half hour. I won another $500 on a slot machine for a net total of $2,500. I was so jazzed when I got home it took me hours to finally fall asleep.

The whole time I was in the casino I was focusing on “My Father and I are one” and “I have always won casino jackpots”. Ram’s teachings have taught me that it is the Father within me that manifests the miracles not my personality and when we are in that analogical state we can all manifest anything.

I am so grateful to Ramtha and JZ for our awesome school and I am looking forward to our fabulous futures.”

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