Student Accomplishments:
Susan Freitag results of her acceptance of abundance

Susan Freitag’s Red Wind Casino Win, May 8,2014 for $1,115.80

Susan Freitag shares her story of acceptance of abundance in her own words:

“So, in the last week I set off and declared that although one day soon I would ‘donate’ to the Red Wind Casino something wonderful for my appreciation, I was NOT donating for now. In the next five visits, focused and following a set of C&E®,, Candles & Neighborhood Walk®…off I went to win various amounts averaging $50.

I focused on acceptance of abundance and BIG WINS in my C&E® session! With $60 in hand, I went to two familiar slot machines, donating and winning some. Got up and ‘walked’ down the carpet of the casino and began with, ‘That is my past…machines I am familiar with…let me experience the unknown’ I was drawn to a machine and sat down and put in my remaining $30 ticket. I started winning here and there. I raised my bet several times and listened to the machine sing. (I rarely look at any of the machines, I focus with my eyes closed while playing.) In one final push of the button for the $2 bet, it sang for quite awhile, so I opened my eyes just in time to see a single bonus of a $1,000 show up.

Something wonderful is happening inside my head. I haven’t the words just yet, but I am finding it is a place where I don’t want to leave for very long…and I am excited to return to. I believe I just might be falling in love with myself…loving who I am. I am also filled with an enormous amount of love and appreciation for Ramtha, JZ, RSE teachers & staff, and so many others on the journey with me. Thank you to all of you!

At the closing of the South Korea event, I believe Ramtha said something like: this is knowledge you learn, it belongs to YOU! This is to be lived!

Again, I thank all of you. I thank Ramtha, JZ and I love the Father, Mother Principal! To 2014 and beyond! To Life!”

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