South Africa’s Jenny Gifford challenges RSE critics on racism charges

Jenny Gifford

In her own words –
South Africa student Jenny Gifford shares her views on the charges by critics of racism at RSE:

“Racism? Really?

I have been a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment since 1999, and make the long journey from South Africa, 2/3 times per year, for events held at the great school in Yelm.

Upon each arrival, I have become increasingly alarmed and concerned by the ongoing and constant vilification of RSE, Ramtha and JZ Knight by the press.
I can only assume that you (the press) are trained to understand the power of the platform you have to work with.
And therefor the level of responsibility you carry towards the public at large.

And to be aware, that what you write about, are seeds for all people of the area to be inspired from, or not. Influencing a legacy for the future generation.

When I see and read these articles about the school, they seem to me, to be just one slanderous, one-sided, out of context, piece of work after the other.
Written by people who seem to take pride in creating irresponsible reporting.
Often, unconsidered personal opinions, written by people who have no idea about the depth, complexity and ultimate beauty of what we are taught at this great school of the mind.
Bottom feeding – of other people’s hard times and prejudices, making a circus out of reality.
The tough job of teaching and inspiring students around the world to heal their broken places, could only have been endured, all this time, by a being as great as Ramtha.

To pick the eyes out of the intricate teachings and string those pieces together, as though they should make sense to a total outsider, with no training whatsoever, is highly irresponsible, misguided and misleading. Why would you want to do that?
To constantly report what the naysayers of the school have to say and not to investigate further about the great and wonderful work that arises from within this school, and report on that too, in my mind, is just spreading erroneous lies.
Why would anyone in their right mind, want to do that?

I was born in a country that was governed by a racist regime and I suffered greatly from that inhumane, discriminating rule. Why would I travel around the world only to be taught more of the racism that I was so eloquently taught back home?

Why would you want to make JZ Knight responsible for all the students that come to the school? Is it not testament to this great school and her, that all peoples from all walks of life, all countries, all creeds and colors, all sexual persuasions, can come and endeavor to find a way to improve their lives, without fear of judgement of who they may be? Unconditional love in it’s most true form, is all I have ever learned from RSE .I still continue to learn.
Why is it that the school has to keep on justifying why they are not a cult? We are free to come and go as we please.Please check out your facts before you use the power of suggestion in the press. Is that asking too much of you?

I am not sure I want to justify to you, the numerous ways in which my life and many others that I know, has been changed and enhanced by this most marvelous, precious school, but only to say it is most tiresome to keep on reading article upon article, about this wonderful school, that are just sensationalized, one sided, shortsighted nonsense.

Please, I ask you to consider to give RSE, Ramtha, JZ Knight and the worldwide body of students the respect they so deserve and to look carefully at what you are constructing for yourself and the world around you!”

Jenny Gifford
South Africa

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