BBC’s “Horizon” airs: The Power of the Placebo –
Ramtha: “How could a simple sugar pill be so potent?”

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– “The Power of the Placebo”
“They are the miracle pills that shouldn’t really work at all. Placebos come in all shapes and sizes, but they contain no active ingredient. Now they are being shown to help treat pain, depression and even alleviate some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Horizon explores why they work, and how we could all benefit from the hidden power of the placebo,” quoting the BBC.
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– UPDATE: February 26, 2015
“Beliefs can regulate effects of nicotine on the human brain”
“Scientists have discovered that beliefs can regulate the effects of nicotine on the human brain. Two identical cigarettes led to a new discovery. Study participants inhaled nicotine, yet they showed significantly different brain activity. Why the difference? Some subjects were told their cigarettes were nicotine free. This goes beyond he placebo effect, researchers say.” quoting Virginia Tech.
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– UPDATE: March 5, 2015
“How the Power of Your Mind Can Influence Your Healing and Recovery”
By Dr. Mercola.
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– Ramtha on the Placebo Effect
How do we become an enlightened physician? I tell you there is proof everywhere about self-love. Do you know how that is provable on a scientific level? In test groups when they are given placebos, they are almost as effective as the group given the drug.
How could a simple sugar pill be so potent in lowering blood pressure?
Because those who they believed in, the expert, says to them, ‘Take this. It will lower your blood pressure.’ They take it and they believe it will. It is called the placebo effect. Powerful, isn’t it? Doesn’t that tell the world something? It says that if you give the right information to the patient, they will be cured. Sometimes when you diagnose their death, they will die within moments of your prophecy.

“It is no accident that those who want to help people really do have sort of a godly destiny. How do they blend that destiny with science, and particularly political science? Very masterfully. Heal thyself, physician, before you heal anyone else. How do we do that? By caring enough that when we lay our hands upon another, just the simple touch to the skin starts firing nerves, receptor sites, producing in a reverse fashion peptides that find their way all the way back to the brain that causes relaxation. It is almost as if the physician is an extension of our own something. And if we believe in them so much, even their touch — their touch — heals. If the physician says — with a cold touch because his schedule is harangued and quickened — that all he can do is put a cold stethoscope to the chest of someone, take their pulse, and look into their eyes, he lacks a lot of touch. But if they put their hands on and they feel, they heal. The healing starts right away.
A really enlightened physician will know that those who come to them are in a panicked but subdued, awe-inspired trance and that whatever that physician says, the patient will be. So we have to really educate the physicians on finesse, don’t we? No one should ever become a doctor for money.

If healing can be in a placebo or the touch, the magical touch, of a godlike person — and it is — then what does this have to say about prayer?
– Ramtha
January 16-18, 1998
Yelm, WA
The Biology of the Molecules of Emotional Addiction

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