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Sandra Bocas puts dreams into action

Sandra Bocas
Photo credit: Steven Wyble, Nisqually Valley News
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RSE student and Yelm-area resident Sandra Bocas was featured in the Nisqually Valley News last week for the popularity of her “Hot Babe Hot Sauce.”
Sandra says, “my experience of the manifestation of the hot sauce was that I stopped dreaming it and took action. It was then that I was met with wonderful opportunities to further “Hot Babe Hot Sauce”, and this has happened consistently.
If I can inspire just one person to get out there and feel a dream into being, then more happiness will surge out of me.”

From Nisqually Valley News reporter Steve Wyble:
“Hot Babe Hot Sauce Steaming Up Yelm”
‘Sold Out: Local Artist Ventures Out to Market and Share Family’s Special Sauce”

“Creating art and hot sauce are the two mediums through which Sandra Bocas best expresses herself.

She has been doing both for a while, but just recently ventured out on her own to produce and bottle her family’s own no-preservative hot sauce recipe, which she calls Hot Babe Hot Sauce, straight from her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago.

Its label, of course, ties in her artistic background as well.”

“Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Bocas also spent 18 years in New York followed by 18 years in Germany as a makeup artist before settling down in Washington about three years ago. She proudly infuses what she refers to as her greatest ingredient — love — with the simple combination of tomatoes, lime, cilantro, garlic, peppers, thyme, onions and salt to create the new hot sauce that locals can’t get enough of.”

“Prior to finalizing all licenses and government mandates, Bocas tested out her product under Yelm Community Kitchen, run by Susie Kyle, from the beginning of 2013 until early December. That was when she was able to launch the parent company, El Diamante Negro, and start with her first product. She’s already planning to create other hot sauces in the future.”

“The label for Hot Babe Hot Sauce is one of Bocas’s acrylic paintings, titled “Francine,” which she had already completed prior to deciding to bottle and sell her hot sauce.”
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