‘Create Your Future Now’ events launch RSE 2014

‘Create Your Future Now’ (CYFN) Workshops are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC events held worldwide by RSE coordinators that provide an introduction to Ramtha’s philosophy and two techniques to create your future the way you want it to be.
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The first 3 ‘Create Your Future Now’ events of 2014 were held the weekend of January 4-5, 2014.


Vienna, Austria Create Your Future Now group.
RSE coordinator Helga Krachler on front row, lower right.

Austria’s RSE coordinator Helga Krachler reported:
“We proudly present the happy group of the very first-ever Create Your Future Now (CYFN) event in Austria, January 4-5, 2014. ‘My’ small group of 10-15 turned out to be 23 (two missing in the picture) from Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Italy.

Magic is already happening.”


South Africa’s Create Your Future Now group
engage the Neighborhood Walk®.

South Africa RSE coordinator Kathy Somma reported:
“I have been facilitating varied Introductory events for many years and find the Create Your Future Now (CYFN) event ingeniously put together!
Truly, both students and newcomers alike had a remarkable experience over the weekend.
This feedback from a new participant says it all,

‘For 40 years I have followed many Eastern philosophies obtaining so called masterships, but have never experienced such profound knowledge as Ramtha’s teaching.
It is of the highest level on this planet and I am deeply honored to have made this shift in consciousness and energy, reclaiming the present moment – and my life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.’


Quebec’s Create Your Future Now group engage the Neighborhood Walk®.

Quebec RSE coordinator Denise Chapdelaine reported:
“We have had such a wonderful, demanding, rewarding workshop and weekend!

Though we were very well prepared, we have had plenty of little and big adversities from which we have learned so much! And as well for the participants.

And I cannot tell you how glistening our little group of 22 people were at the end of the workshop.”

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