Student Accomplishments:
Swiss student Anton Blaettler credits RSE with wins

RSE Switzerland student Anton Blaettler describes
a €117 ($155 USD) Scratch Ticket win
at the Italy Event, August 17, 2013.

RSE Switzerland student Anton Blaettler left the Italy Event in August by continuing his focus differently, increasing his acceptance of greater winning amounts from his participation in lotteries.
Here is Anton’s story in his own words:

“I would like to inform you that I’ve won a Jackpot, in an Bingo Online Game from Swisslos, in the amount of Swiss Francs 3729.- ($4030 USD).

I play this game almost daily as a focus discipline. Most of the time the winnings and losses are leveled out. Yet, after the Italy event I realized an increase in winnings. At the 29th of August I hit the Jackpot plus some lower winnings.

Always I hit a win, it’s like finding a card at the fence in Fieldwork®!

I will contribute 10% of my winnings to my School.

So be it!!!

I’m very grateful to J.Z and Ramtha.

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