Student Accomplishments:
Robert Mazzarella on the results of his glitter

Robert Mazzarella

“Aging had been creeping up on me slowly [77 years young], but began accelerating in the last several months. A problem in my right hip and groin started about fourteen years ago, when I was training yoga therapists. I was supposed to be more flexible… I tore something while endeavoring to put my right foot behind my head.”

“When I sang opera, I always created the space of the theater as mine, but I hadn’t done it since I was not singing. The concept was not new, but it took on a totally new urgency, now I needed to make that space in my Neighborhood Walk®. Monday I began walking at 7:00PM.

I visualized my body in the middle of the Name Field and the UVB Field in front, behind, and on all sides so I was in a sea of Ultra Violet Blue. (It seemed important the field behind me was held stable and did not collapse as I was saying words or walking.) At one point when facing JZ’s castle, the trees along the left side of Paradise Beach gleamed a beautiful Ultra Violet Blue just to let me know I was “on”.

I found when I visualized the UVB Field and felt it shimmering before starting to walk or say a word, the energy rolled up my body in waves expanding my chest and rib cage until I was occupying the space of the field and more with a light heart.

Glittering! I focused on the spot in front and said my words slowly, with great passion.

When I lost the field, I self corrected and put the field up again. I understood what Ram meant when he said that He “crafted himself” because I was crafting myself and my future right there on the field. After the last bell I floated off the field in a state of total exhilaration and lay still in Twilight® a long time. The next morning after Fieldwork® I walked off the field normally.”


Thank you Ram for opening your magnanimous heart of unconditional love and sharing your hard won knowledge with us, while looking past our foibles knowing we are Gods and will get it sooner or later!

I am grateful to you wonderful Lady, JZ. How gracious you are to give up your body and half a life to another God to bring this miraculous teaching to us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

This is a picture of the brain and myelin sheath.
The color matches the color I visualized on the Name Field at RSE and also in my own private practice.

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