JZ Knight takes Ramtha to the world in 2014

Ramtha teaches the Neighborhood Walk®, Italy World Tour, August 16, 2013 – Spinello, Italy

Following on the excitement generated from JZ Knight traveling to Italy in August 2013 and channeling Ramtha for over 1,100 students from 40 countries and simultaneously presented in 9 languages, Knight has announced Ramtha’s 2014 World Tour:

Mexico: February 24th thru 28th, 2014
• South Korea: TBA for April/May, 2014
Switzerland: May 14th thru 18th, 2014
Australia: June 25th thru 29th, 2014
• South America: TBA for July, 2014
Italy: Beginning Event – August 13th thru morning of 17th, 2014
Italy: European Assay – August 17th thru 22nd, 2014
South Africa: September 24th thru 28th, 2014.
Click on each country’s hotlink above for event details.

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