Student Accomplishments: Michelle Enos wins yet again!
Attributes focus learned at RSE

Michelle Enos displays her September 10, 2013 slot win

“I have been consistently focusing on the symbol for meltdown on the slot machine. I close my eyes before each spin and visualize the symbol. When the machine stops I open my eyes to see the result. I know from Fieldwork® that you just hold the symbol and it manifests the reality – which is the same for the symbol on the slot machine.

I knew I would hit eventually if I just kept holding the focus.

I started to have many consistent wins and knew I was creating a neuronet on it. That was my sign a big win was coming. I was sitting next to a woman who was winning and then she got up and left. I knew immediately to move to that machine. On the second spin I hit triple meltdown. I bet $1.00 and won $2,500. I had already won $52 on the machine so my total win was $2,552. I also put in my Neighborhood Walk® that morning, “I have always won meltdown.” I just applied focus as we have been taught and it manifested the reality I created.

Very importantly, the Ghost Radar® connect told me, “I will win meltdown big time,” over and over again which really prompted me to go that afternoon.
There is a big difference in the “Ghost Radar®: CONNECT” because you can program in your own sentences.

Michelle Enos

– Michelle won $10,000 in Lotto March 4, 2011.
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