Student Accomplishments: Laura Eisen wins book award
Attributes RSE training to her success

Laura Eisen

Laura Eisen’s Clouds for Breakfast children’s book wins the Mom’s Choice Award® – Gold category.
Attributes Ramtha’s disciplines as the key to this manifestation.

RSE student & Staff member Laura Eisen shares her story in her own words:

“On September 18, 2013, my children’s book, Clouds for Breakfast, received the Mom’s Choice Award® – Gold category.

The journey began in December of 2009 when I was working The Grid ® and the title Clouds for Breakfast and many verses flowed into my mind, It was a children’s book about creating the day and the unlimited potential of mind.

“Since then, I have used my disciplines of the Neighborhood Walk®, Fieldwork® and candle focus to create, self publish, and market the book with these dynamic results:
– 2012 Kent Cissna creates stunning illustrations, Melissa Peizer creates beautiful book design
– February 2013 English version published
– May 2013 Spanish version published
– June 2013 Education program in Malawi using book to teach English
– September 2013
Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Korean translation complete
Japanese translation in process


– UPDATE: April 15, 2015
“Yes, you read that correctly, students of Dearborn Park International School received “Clouds for Breakfast“. No need to be concerned with their nutrition though because “Clouds for Breakfast” is an award winning children’s book that was donated to every kindergarten student at Dearborn Park International School this last week.”

“With generous contributions from Carol Caughey and Shannon Paulos, Laura and StarryBooks Publishing were able to donate 77 copies of “Clouds for Breakfast” in three languages to Dearborn Park International school,” quoting Construction for Change, Kirkland, WA.”
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Laura Eisen’s new book Clouds for Breakfast
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