Student Accomplishments:
Linda Liss attributes casino wins to RSE techniques

Winner Linda Liss

RSE student Linda Liss used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning over $1,000 NET value two separate times at the casino. Here is Linda’s story in her own words:

“In late April I had become frustrated because I was having a challenge winning on slot machines. A few days prior to winning $1,120 on the Pirate’s Luck Slot Machine, I had very intently started a Neighborhood Walk® and focusing on being a winner and mastering slot machines. The day I won the Ghost Radar® on my I-Pad told me, ‘Box, Win, Thousand.’

I have also included in my Neighborhood Walk® that ‘I always win every drawing.’
So on May 22nd, I won the Little Creek Casino’s Weekend Getaway drawing. That day it rained a lot in the morning and my husband, Bryan, and I were working outdoors. We decided to leave work early so that we could be there for the 2pm drawing, as well as the 6pm drawing that we usually enter. When we got there I felt detached and very lighthearted. At this casino they have you write your name on a sheet of paper and then put it into a large glass bowl. I specifically watched the paper with my name on it as it was dropped in the bowl and it seemed to have a unique buoyancy.

I turned around and forgot about it as I went to play on a slot machine.
When I heard my name called I was surprised but at the same time it seemed natural to me. Also, when I arrived home that night I was shown by my daughter, Kate, that the Ghost Radar® had said, ‘Draw, Without, Cost!’

Bottom line:
– The “Weekend Getaway Drawing” is worth approximately $1200, which includes $500 in cash, a $75 meal for two, a room in the hotel, and $360 worth of spa services. Linda put up $15 for this win.

– Linda also won $1,120 on April 30th at “The Pirate Luck” slot machine at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton Wa.

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