Student Accomplishments:
Renee Webb on her $10,000 winnings in 4 weeks

Winner Renee Webb

RSE student Renee Webb used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning over $10,000 NET at the casino. Here is Renee’s story in her own words:

“Then one fine morn, I realized that I had such a deep awakening with respect to numbers, and symbols. I began to see them differently. I contemplated everything to do with numbers. Who came up with them? How was it decided on the space between 1 and 2, 4 and 6, 32, and 60 and 70 for example. How are they measured in terms of time and space. How did they evolve, what genius conceived of it all. Where did the mind of God in numbers begin and end. How did science perceive it all. I had the same questions arise with respect to symbols. Where, what, how, when…my mind raced on and on in this regard. I saw, and see numbers and symbols with details that I had never noticed before.

Math and anything to do with numbers was always a subject I avoided and had no love for. Now I actually see numbers and symbols for the first time, and love them. Their form, their beauty, their value. Numbers and symbols are everywhere…life is made up of numbers, and symbols. We are made up of numbers and symbols. I could go on, but alas. I met my objective of winning the $10,000.00 in 4 weeks. However, my journey and learning was much more in depth then that.

Money can not pay for the knowledge I have gained.
Thank you Ram, once again, for Fieldwork®, The Tank® and all of the places that you have taken me in my learning at RSE came shining through and beyond, in that ‘God place called casino.’
So be that, and it is!
My journey continues.

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