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The Spiritual Gangster Band forms, inspired by RSE

Spiritual Gangster Band

The Spiritual Gangster Band conducted their first public performance to over 100 patrons at Yelm’s Triad Theater on Saturday, May 11. Here are their stories, in their own words:

– By Eric DeLorme
“I went to the school and met Ramtha 6 years ago. It was really like a windstorm for me! When I saw him the first time with a friend of mine on a video, I’d directly spoke to the wind himself, a big one! And ask “If Ramtha became really the Wind” just take me to his school. I was so enthusiast that after my beginner event, I wanted to be in the Blue College straight away!!! (And I did it!)
I had a very good job and good pay in Paris as Videographer and Producer. I had my kids living there and all my friends and family but something called me and told me to follow my bliss. I did it with Trust and Faith…
I started to come in Yelm several times and did some events in Belgium and in France too…one time, I did 40 days of events in a roll (Blue College, BC extension, BC continuation, Primary, Primary extension)…that was so Powerful but I didn’t realize really at this time the power of that!
Then, I came back in Paris and was so depress!!! I did a lot of disciplines and one morning at 4 am before I started to do my Neighborhood Walk®, 2 guys came to me and wanted to fight with me. I was in that moment so present that I saw and my mind the scenario of what will happen. I saw the first one who couldn’t move and the second one on the floor. And guess what happened (Believe or Not) the scenario was what happened! (Like in the garage of the movie “Peaceful Warrior”). I shared that with my boys and we laughed so hard  And at the end of the ‘fight’ the guy set on his knees and said some different things and one of them was: “You are a master and though your weakness is your power, thank you, thank you, thank you” (This guy was a total stranger and not in the school!!!!)
I was just very surprised and continued my life and my disciplines!!! (But not the neighbor walk at 4am for few days! )…
One morning, I started to dream about me singing a song and I said in this dream: “I want to remember this song and the words of it” I waked up and wrote this song in English! (In this time, I didn’t speak English!). This song was the first one of my new journey with the Ram. The name of the song: ‘YOU’RE MY INSPIRATION’ (I feel no pains, no fears, no fights – I love the sun, the rain, days and nights – I am in joy, in happiness, that is right – When I accept you manifest my life – You’re my Inspiration, YOU LIVE IN ME).
And in this new journey, I continued my work, my disciplines, and writing songs…I wrote different songs and one of them was “I CROSSED THE DARK NIGHTS OF MY SOUL” (Long Time ago I met a man ‘Ramtha’ – Gave me a horse and said to me – Go around the world and meet you man – And you will know who your god is)…
And I decided to move in America. Song: SPIRITUAL GANGSTER. I came here with my 2 sons Louis and Nick for the summer and they came back to school in France to live with their mother… After one year, they wanted to come to live with me!!! I had no money and said yes because, I knew, that always things working out for me! It was challenging for us (a lot of runners!!!!!) and I started to understand that I have to face my fears, my doubts, my jalousie, my judgments…. let them burn in the fire of the life as I wrote in my new song: THE TRAVELER OF THE SPEED OF LOVE and create something new, New Life, New Relationship, New World in the freedom of who I really Am. Song: I AM WHO I AM.
Thank You Ramtha to inspired me, I have others teachers too (I say that life is my teacher ) But Ramtha (Through JZ) is the one who accept completely me for what I said, who I was and for what I did in the knowledge of who I AM …
I played a lot of music around here in different places and open mic (And create a first band called Blue Wave…) Few months ago, I started to host an open mic at “Hidden river” and Dave Fairley came over to play drums (He is so passionate that he wanted to play with everyone…I Love that! I loved his passion!) And we started to practice together (Just Drums, Voice and Guitar) and I met Epiphanio another time at the same place, I just knew, I will play with him (I love his fire!!!). Last practice he said to me and that was the best beautiful words I received for my songs: “Your songs, Man, is the Great Work!!!!!!”
And I realized that; when you create your day, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on in your day!!!! Things come to you as you created them!
So Scotty Jones came (His Bass- Guitar Rock!), then Mitja Kadow with his Saxophone and his Harmonica (He got the Groove Baby!)
We love to play together, not just to play but we are so IN IT that something SHINE though US.
With Love and Light”

– By Mitja Kadow
“At my last event the main teaching encouraged students to break up their routines and habits which would allow room do things and manifestations to occur. I found myself having been reliving my past and not creating anything new or transformational in my life for quite some time so I chose to reinvent myself and my life. My friend Dave Fairley invited me to join his jam sessions with Eric, Scott and Epiphanio a few weeks ago and pull my saxophone I hadn’t played in over 20 years… Unbeknown to me I found my name on a flyer as part of the band and in concert next week. I found a lot of joy, bliss and new gained confidence in the experience as it stretched me to create a new neuronet to have always been able to play the saxophone as well as being unreasonable enough to walk through new doors as they approach in life- even if you can’t see what’s on the other side…”

– By David Fairley
“I have been in RSE for 24 years and one consistent dream throughout this tenure has been to become a musician and express my creativity, new knowledge, passion and soul through this medium. In fact, my first card I ever found was a djembe drum – I ran up the field like a world cup soccer player who just scored the winning goal! Ram was on the field then and prior to the fieldwork session he asked the “drummers” to get their drums and we played for 20-30 minutes to a field of blind folded dancing pagans before we all started fieldwork. It was my first ‘live’ gig and I was in bliss – and consequently found my card. My training and studies at RSE over the years have helped me overcome the typical limitations, insecurities and fears we all struggle with. I have a beautiful life because of the Ram’s teachings. I was recently super inspired by my friend Leo from Venezuela who recently recorded and filmed his latest powerfully inspired song, “Why We Fight” and who was invited to open up at the Assay. I’ve integrated the knowledge from RSE of growing new neuro-nets, neuro-plasticity of the brain, baby neurons, and creating reality “unreasonably” to improve my playing and live the “rock n’ roll” dream – it‘s never too late to change, dream big and become!
Thanks Ram and JZ!”

– By Epiphanio
“I am so grateful for all that I’ve learned at RSE, and I am so grateful for the Ram for he taught me (among many, many things) the one thing that changed my life forever and enabled me to create my life however I see fit:

He taught me to don’t believe anything he teaches, to listen to everything and put it into practice, to weigh it against my soul, to make it my own truth.

This little piece of information liberated me (I was raised catholic… so you can imagine), it has allowed me to open up to everything everywhere, to every word that he and everyone shares, to be able to receive information from all sources. This is how I conquer fear and power, just do it baby… fall down, get up, giggle, keep going… it’s so simple, what a blessing, what a journey!

Now I know I am my own lawgiver, my own master and I have the power to create every single aspect of my life. I am so grateful that I have discovered that I love to have fun and that there’s no hurry for anything because I have all forever to just be… and this is when life gets good, because I’m not here to do anything else but to live my life however I see fit.

I am so grateful for all the beautiful people that I play with, because playing is the true work, the great work, and I’m so grateful for all the beautiful people I will be playing with because it is already so.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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