RSE’s Int’l Beginning Event in Venezuela

The first RSE International Beginning Event was held at a beautiful mountain setting in Wagrain, Austria, April 29 – May 2, 2012, conducted entirely by local student-coordinators, followed by Australia, South Korea and Mexico International Beginning Retreats. The first RSE International Beginning Event in 2013 was conducted March 7-10 in Valencia, Venezuela.

In the Beginning Event, students learn Ramtha’s model of reality, his vocabulary, and techniques that initiate each student into a direct experience of personal truth to Become a Remarkable Life®.

The Beginning Event replaces the Home Study Program. There is a streamed online version and Beginning Events held in Yelm, WA and select international venues.

The Online Beginning Event is now available in multiple languages at The 30-hour course features teachings from Ramtha and JZ Knight from around the world with instruction and training to expand the mind. Video instruction and training is also presented by Ramtha’s appointed teachers.

– Venezuela Beginning Retreat, March 7-10, 2013

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From Andrea Rivera, RSE’s Valencia, Venezuela Coordinator:
We had almost 40 participants during a difficult time in our country, which was in mourning over the recent death of President Hugo Chavez, so this turnout was very cool given the circumstances! Everyone was fascinated with all the videos and there few that were distracted.

The last words of most of the students were “OK, now what’s the next step, I want more” or even “Have to do it again!”
At the end, everyone was happy and hugging and hopeful… and wrote:
– “I’m full of hope, I’m excited about my life!”
– “This was the best weekend of my life,”
– “Thanks for an extraordinary weekend,”
– “Infinite thanks, continuing the journey even more focused than before,”
– “Excellent event, I liked it a lot and learned a lot. Love my card! I even kissed it!

A couple students that had not participated since 2008 fell in love with the school again and are willing to continue.
Sending-receiving and Remote-View were a high and the first exciting moment of achievement. They were also super-excited when the Blue Body® work began, knowing this opportunity is rare even for current students. Of course, they want to know more about it! And they got to know their Master Teacher who sent them salutations and wishes for a great event!

After the first C&E® process, peace and love was all over… everyone hugging each other, some wiping tears from their eyes… mostly silent… beautiful. There was soft and uplifting background music for that moment, so they took their time to be in the moment and experience their joy. All of them were sure that they were creating a timeline within this chaotic timeline we’re living in.

At the end of the event, most were surprised and curious, having forgot the Future R-V they drew at the opening of the weekend. They got their papers in expectation and several got the R-V correctly. One lady later told me that as odd as it seemed, she saw Mike! Well, he was not in the box, but how could she know that it was him and not Greg who was going to unveil the Future R-Vs!

Some students who could not attend asked if the school would repeat this event again in Venezuela, as they were so inspired hearing from those that had just completed the session.

Overall, I saw beauty in the changed attitudes and an enormous sense of empowering all throughout the event.”



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