Mt. Etna eruptions “more explosive” –
Ramtha on the significance of Mt. Etna “blowing”

Mt. Etna nighttime eruption
Photo courtesy: UK’s Telegraph

– “Mt. Etna’s spectacular nighttime eruption”
“Mt. Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, spouted lava and ash in a stunning nighttime display on Tuesday night.”

“Watch raw video footage of Mt. Etna’s Tuesday night [March 12] eruption over the Italian island of Sicily.

According to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etna’s getting even more explosive, occasionally interrupting air traffic in the area,” by Kate Stanton, UPI.
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– Ramtha on the significance of Mt. Etna eruptions
“Mount Etna is spewing into the midnight sky. And Mount Etna was a forecast of the doomsayers who said that when it erupted in these days and we had an earthquake in the Azores, that the end of our days could be counted on our fingers.”

“Mount Etna is blowing its top. Seek the Alps and the Pyrenees, especially around the Languedoc. Now the work of the Little Red Hen is paying off. Consider this the first trial run. I would never have asked you to do this if I did not know how important it was to do this for the days to come. If hell breaks loose and we have the king of terror hit this planet, you will be safe underground. You can live there and be safe and emerge in a new planet, in a new time. And God bless you — God bless you — for investing in the unknown. You deserve it.”

“Is it the end of the world? No, it isn’t. Is it a wake-up call? Yes. We have major volcanoes blowing their heads off and especially Mount Etna in Italy. That is the doomsday volcano that will set off earthquakes in the Azores and, if it does, it will set off the North American earthquakes. It is already blowing.”
– Ramtha
APRIL 1, 2000
Yelm WA.
Primary Retreat

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