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Ande Jacksen’s card surprises in manifestation

Ande Jacksen

RSE student Ande Jacksen of Alberta, Canada recently had a realization that his Fieldwork card from long ago had, indeed, manifested. Here is Ande’s story and the lessons he learned in his own words:

“Ramtha has once again proven to me that the teachings work!

In 2007 during a retreat in Calgary Alberta (of all places, in my home province), I made a card for Fieldwork®. It was a simple card that said ‘200k’ [$200,000]. That was my goal, to make 200k in a year. Nothing fancy, but to me, attainable. Up to that point my best year was 75k. Well, I put the card in the field at Calgary and although I had the focus during Fieldwork®, I just couldn’t find it. A short time later, I brought it with me to a retreat in Mexico and still was unable to tape it to my chest [by finding the card in the discipline]. Although I never found it, I still believed I could manifest it. I brought it home after my retreat in Mexico and placed it above my bed, only to look at it before I dozed off each night.

Well, time passed and we moved from that house, during which time my card was boxed up and put away. Months had
passed, then years and I had completely forgotten about my card. I changed jobs, focused on building our dream home and never put much thought back into the card.

Then near the end of 2012, while my wife and I were talking, I had mentioned to her that this year [2012] was another good year. We were once again surpassing the 200k mark. She smiled and replied: “That’s awesome honey, you manifested your card.”
I asked her perplexed and said “What card?” (I have made alot of them).
She said: “The one you had above the bed.”
I paused and then realized: “OMG! You’re right!”
Not only did it manifest for 2012 in which I made over 240k, it manifested in 2011 too!! I can’t explain the feeling that overwhelmed me but joy, love desire and gratitude are mere fractions of what I felt.

Ramtha has shown me once again that the disciplines work and sometimes we need to get out of the way to allow our dreams to manifest. So let it be known that even though you may not find your card in the field, it doesn’t mean the dream is lost.
Focused intent is all it takes!

Thank you, JZ, for all you’ve done with the school. I am grateful to you and all of the staff that bring us the teachings and show us the disciplines. The longer I experience this plane, the more Ram’s teachings make sense and I love him for it. I can truly say that RSE has changed my life!”

Ande B. Jacksen
Alberta, Canada

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