Newsweek: “What Do We Really Know About Jesus?”
Ramtha expands on the life of Jesus

“Who Was Jesus?: What do we really know about the historical truth of the early life of Jesus? Even the gospels disagree.”
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– In Newsweek Magazine
“What Do We Really Know About Jesus?”
“A recent papyrus that referenced Jesus’ wife caused an uproar. it may be a hoax, but what do we really know about the historical truth of the early life of Jesus? Even the gospels disagree.

“This past September, Harvard University professor Karen King unveiled a newly discovered Gospel fragment that she entitled “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” This wisp of a papyrus has stirred up a hornet’s nest and raised anew questions about what we can know about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, and about whether there are other Gospels outside the New Testament that can contribute valuable information. Few questions could be more timely, here in the season that celebrates Jesus’ birth.”
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– Ramtha teaches that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had children
“He was a being that was gifted with the royal blood. He was an entity that had everything going for him, and he could certainly seduce with that kind of power. Jesus was an entity who put aside the woman that he loved, his children, the throne, and had a message. The message was, In order for me to be the king of the Jews, I must first be the son of God and so I must live my life in that refrain and not that I am the son of my mother and my father. Everyone can be the sons and daughters of their parents, but very few ever finally decide to say I am the royal blood of my Holy Spirit and this is the life that I must live.”
– Ramtha
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– Ramtha expanded on Jesus being married and their lineage
“The fact that Yeshua ben Joseph was married is a truth, and married not to a whore but an initiate from a royal family connected to the house of David, a woman of exquisite power and mind. The two of them in their initiation changed their DNA, changed their seed, changed their eggs. Every day that you engage your life, beloved entity, however you engage it, and whatever the outcome is to emotion, determines your semen, determines your eggs, and changes your DNA, your gift to the future.”
– Ramtha
Los Angeles, CA
May 20, 2006
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– “How Jesus Became a Christ Translation: Spanish, French, German and Italian”
By Miceal Ledwith examines this issue further with his unique experience and perspective.
Dr. Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D (h.c), served as a Catholic priest and as Professor of Theology and College President for over 25 years in Ireland and a member for 17 years of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission, and personal theological adviser to the late Pope John Paul, which was charged with advising the Holy See on theological matters.
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